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Teacher fucks student in bathroom

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Teacher fucks student in bathroom

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Tokora 11 months ago
On the side of the KKK and nazis? So why are you on the side of the Black Panthers, weather underground, MS-13, BLM etc?
Nikojinn 11 months ago
Too bad it wasn't LAST YEAR!
Kazragore 11 months ago
"If your lips are moving, if your lips are moving... then your lie lie lying." -Meghan Trainor
Temuro 11 months ago
It is good to see that we still live in a World where anyone can make a statement they consider might be an "undisputable truth" and no one has called them a "bigot".
Kalar 10 months ago
You know what this Wednesday needs?
Grogul 10 months ago
We believe the prayers to the saints ... including Mary
Grorisar 10 months ago
i hope so, but you can never know with our current leader.
Malazilkree 10 months ago
Fundamental views and ideas that pushed upon others unwanted, is always an issue unless those fundamental ideas serve everyone equally. In which case laws are passed by a social hierarchy.
Kajik 9 months ago
That too. Or when you point out that it is natural in the animal kingdom they start throwing off special pleading cases why its bad for humans.
Vuzil 9 months ago
You're giving her a lot of free real estate in your mind.
Toll 9 months ago
Suppose we live in a third-class Universe, full of Sinners...wouldn't it make sense we were allocated a god who failed the God Exams?
Moogum 9 months ago
Nope - tossing them back you fricking hypocrite.
Tur 9 months ago
Again, what you think about me is irrelevant. Jesus Christ is the Judge.
Faunos 8 months ago
Mods - who banned that Purple person? I need deets lol
Tojalmaran 8 months ago
This is where the parents' consent gets tricky. Should we be able to, say, sell teenage daughters? Parental consent would obviously be present there (sale is a voluntary act) - and the Bible supports the practice (Exodus 21:7).
Kazigrel 8 months ago
False.Without God to create objective morality, there is no standard by which you can judge anything to be either "good or evil" other than your own. If chemical reactions in the brain are all you have, then who is to say that yours are correct? You? LOL! That is no different than someone shilling for a book he has written..Society? Well, we have seen what societies have produced in the World Wars and in other wars.Who is there to decide that the collective response of all of the chemical reactions in a group are correct? The whole idea is absurd.
Vukus 8 months ago
Even if you were right, the only way he could possibly be trained is to make his repeated misbehavior have serious consequences, by staying broken up with him.
Arashinos 8 months ago
If he bakes the cake I?m have difficulty understanding how it could be discriminatory.
Ditaur 7 months ago
Yes, sad news. :-)
Kek 7 months ago
If I may give you a peek-see of my walk with God- each day I wake up and direct my day to him (Psalm 16:8), and try not to look for results of my trust in him; he guides and I walk.

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