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Fetilar 1 year ago
That is something only truly fanatical people can think is a sane solution. Totally and utterly insane.
Sanris 1 year ago
Yes, I would agree Rupert Murdoch played a role as well. However, I'm thinking Murdoch did this as much out of personal philosophical conviction as did it for money. And as far as someone doing this rumor mongering for money, I'd fault David Horowitz of the Horowitz sites more so than Murdoch along w/Alex Jones and lots of the other political shock jocks.
Gutilar 1 year ago
Boy, I don?t see any resistance, frankly.
Dagrel 1 year ago
Bob Chiarelli's seat gone to the NDP in Ottawa West-Nepean
Megis 1 year ago
Oh wow:( this is awful. I?m so sorry that happened. I?m glad everyone is ok though. I?ve dealt with disasters like this and even with the panic and anxiety I still made it through somehow. I go on some weird autopilot mode during a crisis. Everything shuts down and it?s all business. Then I fall apart later.
Shaktijas 11 months ago
Tobias has...problems, lol
Kerg 11 months ago
As most Jews take it.
Mirr 11 months ago
There are no stats of 1700 that could be valid get real. Plus, there are lies, Dan lies and statistics.
Mira 11 months ago
Statistics suggest a fat welfare mooch.
Arara 11 months ago
When we were first created, we were completely innocent beings, made according to God's plan with the capacity to learn and to reason. But God made us to bring glory to Him, through multiple ways (such as being good stewards of the earth He made and using the gifts He gave us to their fullest potential), but one of those ways of giving glory to God is through worship, and that doesn't just mean singing songs. Part of the beautiful plan God has for us is willful submission to Him, the choice to serve and love Him, and in turn serve and love each other.
Akisida 11 months ago
A bathroom scale tells you weight, which is a concept that exists outside of the scale itself. Humans invented the pound (or the kilo) and determined what a pound is. So a scale that correlates to the human construct of "pound", had to have been invented and calibrated to the pound. That's an analog to 'reason'. To be reasonable is to say that the human brain is calibrated to something we call "truth". It alludes to a concept that exists outside of matter. Molecules themselves cannot be right or wrong, good or bad, accurate or inaccurate. So reason exists outside of matter itself.
Mokazahn 10 months ago
Romney is a joke. He was critical of Trump but once he found he couldn't win an election he's suddenly gushing all over him. Then when he didn't get a cushy gig in the administration he goes back to attacking. I wouldn't vote for the guy if he was the only candidate. I'd rather write in Elmer Fudd or Daffy Duck.

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