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Voodoole 1 year ago
No. They do not. They lose their teeth and learn not to mess with you again. What you say is a total misconception meant to keep people from defending themselves.
Dobar 1 year ago
It does make sense because I do the same... Cuticles, the skin around my nails, and my nails... No one is spared XD. I've been doing the rubber band thing, and using thumb. It's specifically sold for mom's to paint on kids fingers to create a horrible bitter taste.
Kaziramar 1 year ago
I did not define the supernatural to explain any historical event to you. I told you what had to happen for an event to be supernatural.
Tagar 1 year ago
A fellow Canuck, eh?
Kelkree 11 months ago
He does write goodly English for a Russian troll.
Mazucage 11 months ago
Chains beat you to it smarty-pants :p
Tojalkis 11 months ago
As bad as they are, secret deals are much better than the out in the open deals Putin and Trump want.
Daizahn 11 months ago
Freedom of religion already implies freedom from religion.
JoJojas 10 months ago
"But then he was arrested and convicted on two misdemeanor drug charges. The convictions voided his DACA status"
Bamuro 10 months ago
Hey old fart lol
Gardalkis 10 months ago
Ew! Okay you win.
Kigaramar 10 months ago
Ha! Please tell me exactly where I said that "leftists" and "liberals" were the same thing (although the overlap in recent years is quickly eroding any difference at all). I'm all ears.
Maushicage 10 months ago
Just pissed off, arrogant, and vindictive. Sort of like the families drunk relative. lol
Vudokazahn 10 months ago
If I was that disorganised and had left it so late to order my cake. I would buy one from Wallmart and decorate it myself to make it more individual. Wouldn't let it spoil my big day, after all its being married to the love that's important not making it a Hollywood production.
Vudorn 10 months ago
It's obviously much easier when younger ... but there's a wealth of educational diversity available in schools that we can't match during Grades 9-12.
Samusida 9 months ago
We are not discussing other countries.
Kazragar 9 months ago
Here is a sample quote from your researcher:
JoJozuru 9 months ago
Once again ladies and gentlemen, another prime example of hate speech displayed by the anti bigot anti hate speech guru
Kisar 9 months ago
Al Gore cosponsored an act of Congress which took the already existing and well used internet public.
Mazushicage 9 months ago
I see your point, I'll be more succinct in the future.
Zujinn 8 months ago
Science can explain what you call "love". Science can explain why you believe in a god.
Nikokasa 8 months ago
And still nothing has changed.
Virg 8 months ago
Glad you live in his head rent free.
Grocage 8 months ago
and you were not? Yeah I think guys expect you to be like the friend who set them up or the person that set them up who they probably actually like
Mikarn 8 months ago
However 60AD is not in the first century.
Goltikree 7 months ago
The Revelations, which is total knowledge of Spiritual realities, of the LOGOS (unalterable blueprint of the plan of salvation), of who GOD is, who the Son of GOD is, HIS Most Holy Character, and how HE operates, who the Son of Man is, what the kingdom of heaven is, is what gives a person the Celestial mindset, the Spiritual mindset.
Dozilkree 7 months ago
Well outside of what I said, I guess christianity or any other religion really doesn?t have much value.
Mazut 7 months ago
A pretty high percent. Islamic indoctrination starts very young, and regimes to ensure memorization of the Qu'ran are strict and continuous throughout child to adult years. Add to that the common practice of isolating a member of the family who leaves the faith, which extends out to all Muslim friends. Muslims tend to be a close knit community, so this would result in some serious trauma.
Grom 7 months ago
Jesus was answering the priest's prayers. Or he doesn't exist.

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