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"So she engages you? Interesting. She may be socially awkward and isolated because of it."

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A minute passed.

Amateur Southern wife tries our friends HUGE BBC.. for the second time

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Kedal 11 months ago
I would agree with that, but that 20% leaves a great deal of uncertainty.
Goltitilar 10 months ago
Ultimately, it's about humility. Traveling with humility. I've heard bits and pieces like saying Jesus wouldn't ride a donkey today or something about demons on commercial flights. I think any pastor wanting a private jet needs some humility.
Kigale 10 months ago
USA has its faults, but people don't get arrested for blasphemy of Muhammad. Are you a bigot when you mention US problems? Why do you refuse to discuss Islam's problems?
Nikotaxe 10 months ago
Jesus sacrificed the flesh as we must do too. Material things didn't come become God, as they can't for us too. He wasn't poor. Read duet 28. Its not a poor mans covenant. All the blessings are Christs for being the only one to satisfy it. Well...that was the plan for us too. We get it by being in covenant with Jesus. See how that works? Its only in the heart you 'give it all away '. If God asks you too? Done. You know? Gods not poor, materially or spiritually etc. God cares about the spirit first, soul (renewed mind, perfected will, emotions in check), then the physical down the line.
Dosar 10 months ago
The grownups in the Party really like the direction of the country and Trump's economy. Your wonderment will not cease.
Vigis 10 months ago
*double mic drop*
Samugis 10 months ago
Trekkies, to the back of the bus!
Tygojora 10 months ago
I am fine with vouchers as long as all schools are treated equally. They would not be. But if they were I would be OK. If someone wants their kids to grow up scientifically ignorant - their choice.
Mashicage 10 months ago
lol. We on the other hand figured if you're gonna have a fire sale, why not kick it off with an actual fire?
Vuk 10 months ago
You read it wrong!
Jujar 9 months ago
yeah - I missed that one since I don't have that issue XD
Bragami 9 months ago
People in general? You believe that you believe Nietzche because you don?t want to believe the truth or just people that believe things that you think are stupid and illogical?
Tojalkis 9 months ago
I see. And how did forced assimilation help Christians get through the 1400s?
Zurg 9 months ago
i think its a woman in the suit.. look at the azz
Kagataxe 9 months ago
It sounds like you might need to attend sex ed, tbh.
Kigal 8 months ago
Depends. If she was almost 17 and you had just turned 19, maybe. Depends on the person. I definitely wouldn't have allowed any talk of marriage to be going on before she was 18.
Nikocage 8 months ago
in mexico in some parts,women who wear slacks are considered easy. or smoke ciggarettes. it was this way when my mom was young. then there were sweaters that made you look easy. in asian countrys,, tattos are still a sign or either gang membership, or rebellion, or trampyness.
Vigis 8 months ago
BY negotiated away, you mean returning to previous deals because this has all pretty much been figured out already?
Daisida 8 months ago
What do you mean when you say "he cheated"? What exactly happened?
Brakree 7 months ago
You've certainly have an axe to grind and I'm not interested in hearing as I've heard it ten thousand times. It's boring if I may speak frankly.
Misida 7 months ago
Well, it's not like they tell us what the vote percentages are, as the votes are cast. So there is no effective way you can actually "vote to minority status".
Tezshura 7 months ago
Lmao is that how they spelled it? Whoops.. But yeah I was pissed about that movie. The radio deejay too, I wanted her story in there. Miche'le's story was so damn sad. To think she made that beautiful music while being beat and choked out.
JoJogis 7 months ago
How then do we deal with SS. Medicare and Medicaid which are going bankrupt? Why is it that those three programs which have DIRECT taxation (payroll taxes) and are going broke yet welfare with NO direct taxation never runs out of money?
Yozshugore 7 months ago
That's not what they say on news views.
Goltigul 7 months ago
As long as you hate the yanny's as much as me, we're cool. ??
Daikus 6 months ago
I understand the point you are trying to make, and i hope it turns out that way. But you are defending a man who thought a way of getting mexico to pay for "the wall" was to impose higher tariffs on them.... then smart people had to inform him, that would only charge the Mexican business, not the government, and they would in-turn raise the cost of the goods being imported into the US, and the American consumer would pay that price difference. Do you remember this? This is the man you are defending!
Nakinos 6 months ago
and you fake news

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