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89 12:131 year ago

"Christians and their belief in magic. Sad and funny in equal measures."

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?You have to turn me on a bit by fingering your little pussy in front of me. It felt bigger than I remembered, and hurt a bit more going in, but I was rocking my hard dick in Chyanme out of his mouth. Her hands gripped Abby's thighs tight digging her nails into the them as her lover pounded her from behind causing her to yelp with pleasure.

Sam led me back to where we had been sitting before, but one of our chairs had vanished, so he simply sat on the remaining one and pulled me onto his lap.

My professor is in his 30s I dont know his exact age but he is well-built, 5 "8, a little chubby, white skin. This is a true story, short, but honest.

There was nothing special about tonight, just getting drunk at the usual spot with the usual people. I barely had time to figure out what was happening before reality faded. I helped put her panty back in place and stood.

She was an avid swimmer. "Ow!" Brock laughed, "Now you're in for it!" Katie screamed and laughed and ran off hol couch, Brock chasing her.

" George suggested.

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Teshicage 1 year ago
Hook us up Euv-gotta!
Zuluzuru 1 year ago
What is this Ambien.? Im gonna slip my neighbor one.
Mazule 1 year ago
Voodoolkree 11 months ago
So, teaching children that the races are equal (not just about the civil rights movement) would be indoctrination in your opinion?
Tell 11 months ago
Let me know when you can take a time machine back 4.5 billion years and bring a video back of the progression over a million years proving it was.
Goltikus 11 months ago
LOL!! Good question!
Kilrajas 11 months ago
A relative is Dean of Admissions at a university. For years, she's been telling me the kids that come from public schools in the Deep South and the Appalachians can't write a paper, and usually have to take the aforementioned remedial math.
Voodoonris 11 months ago
So, are you saying you cant see the issue in this hypothetical posed above?
Meramar 11 months ago
Hey there Chief! Haven't seen you on the other channel for a few weeks, what happened?
Kazrakazahn 10 months ago
From the one who claims that Adam was the first Hebrew, but cannot explain where or how he learned the language. Guess who's the dishonest one. Spare us your phony echo.
Nikorg 10 months ago
Nah... there's only so many times I can tell a person how badly they've been fooled.
Mulrajas 10 months ago
Almost 100% are child victims. Indoctrinated and brainwashed into their cults as defenseless children, naive, and void of any reasoning or critical thinking skills to defend themselves with.
Fezragore 10 months ago
Whatever floats your consensual boat.
Branris 9 months ago
right? Just like Donald Trump...
Nidal 9 months ago
It is clear from the early church fathers, and there have been no new discoveries to prove them wrong. The wishful thinking by Jesus Seminar is worthless, as they have zero authority on the matter. None.
Yorn 9 months ago
Steel and especially aluminum pricing is more volatile than I've seen in over a decade. Blame it on tariffs or market anticipation, doesn't matter. When I get quotes for steel now they are only honored if I purchase same day as quoted. Before tariff threats they were honored for 30 days. Wasn't uncommon to ask for a quote identical to a purchase from 2018 or 2017 and get quoted same price. No more.
Mizil 9 months ago
>>"Same rights such as?"<<
Akinosho 9 months ago
with that kind of thinking you must be an EFTO member
Kagajas 9 months ago
As you judge other folks, you certainly judge yourself and your own culture. As you forgive others, show tolerance, patience, compassion, you do that to yourself, your own culture.
Vogore 9 months ago
And yet somehow these people see Donald Trump as a threat.
Tygosho 9 months ago
Alas I'd love to be in relationship where this is common place. Instead we'd have insecurity, jealousy and shame.
Kagalkree 8 months ago
I should add a note, since you think hell will be a place with souls aware of each other. Hell is isolation from *all* company. Each is in his own separate experience, with no awareness of others or interactions, except to know God and the absence of His acceptance and fellowship.
Faeran 8 months ago
But the bible was written by man?
Goltizil 8 months ago
Wow, you have many news stories on this page.
Kicage 8 months ago
Glad someone got it.
Nikoll 8 months ago
You seem a little too well informed about their bungholes. ;-)
Zular 7 months ago
You have no objective measure on which to validate your morals either. If that were the case, Christians would never do anything immoral.
Tauktilar 7 months ago
"Creator of the universe" one.
Yozshugal 7 months ago
Well unless you lived in his riding you could not vote for him. Ergo you could have voted for the liberal candidate in your riding. Same as this election. You only could vote for Wynne if you lived in here riding. And ergo again you could have voted liberal. Me thinks however you are a fringe party supporter.
Mausida 7 months ago
Let's not forget former Police Chief Bill Blair was given an award by 'grateful' Tamils following their occupation of downtown Toronto. Then he won election in Scarborough as a Liberal candidate.

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