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"The Trump agenda of economic growth, job creation, border security, and peace through strength abroad is causing voters to seriously consider the consequences of supporting candidates who carry the Democratic mantle of tax hikes, protecting sanctuary cities, and the hyper-partisan and baseless impeachment witch hunt."

Mikami Yua SSNI-101

"Better than getting fucked up," said Cinders with a smirk, "And I cheeks him for a glass of stout to wash it down with after!" "Do our mam know?" Gertie asked. ?For being only. She also asked me if I had anything she could change into and gestured at the obscene outfit she had on.

" She photshoog past Chris and out of the bathroom, but Chris was sure she phtshoot for a second to check him out.

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?25. Fred moved back then jumped again, biting farther up the man's forearm. how could you?' Anna's eyes fill with tears as she stands there, the woman looks at her, you've brought it back haven't you, I can still feel it, It didn't work letting you take it!' the woman's face pales as the realisation hits her.

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Shabei 1 year ago
Stop the sexist crap Josh
Tygohn 1 year ago
I can see the would-be Duchess saying that, your avi, Yvonne. :P
Gardatilar 1 year ago
Or the OT god being a cruel, uncareing jerk
Shakasar 1 year ago
agreed. Double the up votes. I would not mind working a 10 hour shift if I got a 2 hour nap in there.
Nejora 1 year ago
I don't think I've ever blocked a mod from any channel. I mean, that's a trip to Bannsville.
Shacage 1 year ago
Its a sect of "find another interloctor, because I don't feed the trolls".
Shak 11 months ago
yes, and just like mutilation of an unconsenting male victim for religious purposes, based on the parent's superstitious beliefs, permanently mutilating the body, using unsterile and ancient tools and methods (such as sucking the penis of the infant) by non medical personal in a non medical setting for a non medical procedure.
Taugrel 11 months ago
If you love such restrictions then move there. I oppose telling people what to wear.
Zulusida 11 months ago
Who made them do it. Had they been forced. For all the talk of existence and science one would understand a system in balance and one of atomic interchange a mechanism would be required. Perhaps pain is a small price for feeling a warm wind. Enough old "myths and legends" account for various falls from some form of grace. It is easy to see from yesterday to today. Human beings need to be accountable for thier own actions and need to speak as one voice when injustice carries on I don't blame
Taulrajas 11 months ago
Never says God didn't make unicorns. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, by your rules.
Tygojind 11 months ago
?Wrong. He refused to sell them a wedding cake. Therefore, being willing to sell them "anything" is incorrect.?
Yokasa 11 months ago
I don't know of any Christians who think that atheists acknowledging that Jesus existed is some big deal that shows that someone Christianity is really correct just because he really lived.
Gardalkree 11 months ago
Yet there is no mention of kangaroos. That book would have been so much better with kangaroos.
Feshura 10 months ago
It is not important.
Moogulkree 10 months ago
For sure: therapy, treatment and medical help. Not "run off to Vietnam for some hack job hormones and surgery."
Kazisar 10 months ago
Explain what you want to see.
Kagagul 10 months ago
Again, smart people do not talk about IQ points. That's what dumb people pretending to be smart do.
Nak 10 months ago
Abraham was a human prophet and patriarch. Jesus is God who has access to the big picture. Hardly he same thing.
Shakajinn 9 months ago
I hope so, i dearly hope that the Ford Conservatives cut out a lot of government jobs and the idiotic redundancy such as LHINS and Sub-Lhins.
Negul 9 months ago
I suspect a lot rests on how deeply you read into that word "kind". IMO, genuine kindness is not politeness but caring. Sometimes cold facts and bitter truths are the kindest things you can offer someone. But you will generally offer them in a different way if you are genuinely kind.
Tugrel 9 months ago
I am totes reporting you for assuming that a woman's place in is the home. So there!
Mazutaxe 9 months ago
Q1: In light of these remarkable claims, is it not reasonable/understandable that our blogger above would reject these religious notions because s/he sees them as "illogical and un-provable?" On the contrary, doesn?t our blogger ?deserve credit? for using our tool of logic in questioning their validity?
JoJosar 9 months ago
Y'all saying this next year?
Dugis 9 months ago
Not really , most internet neo atheists are like the borg. One mind in A hive
Mer 9 months ago
And it's a terrific strawman! If for no other reason that shouldn't SOMEBODY be living it up like tomorrow doesn't matter?
Bakree 9 months ago
And to You it seems the opposite- and?
Migrel 8 months ago
He's a public figure. Can't hide this.
Maunos 8 months ago
Exactly what she said. ;P
Daigar 8 months ago
The next blue wave to hit Ontario and Canada will be after the federal election. Bye Bye Trudeau!!!
Daizil 8 months ago
Yes it does not make you feel good even though Markle tried to be plain Jane in her wedding dress like she was an innocent and a poor maiden. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against her but thought the wedding dress was not pretty and looked like it was made on a sewing machine. This is how she was yes to be portrayed in my opinion.
Tojatilar 8 months ago
The crap started when Saul of Tarsus started preaching free redemption for the cruel & stupid.
Ferr 8 months ago
Napoleon's family were Italians. The wars and invasions he conducted did not endear him to European countries or Russia. He became leader of France 1799. Made himself Emperor in 1804. 1808 he invaded Spain and made his brother King of Spain. His numerous invasions and wars were his undoing. Jews had nothing to do with it. His reign ended with the Treaty of Fontainebleau.

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