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"Therory is therory until it is proven to be fact. Therory is suppose to change as more evidence is found. Therory is not suppose to remain stationary."

Kunoichi - Broken Princess

Pulling on her clit with her teeth before attacking it with her tongue. Standing naked above Anna she looks her up and down, unable to move Anna sees her move passed her to another door, opening it the woman says something and Anna hears nufe sound, suddenly she feels a rough Caemen lick across her swollen pussy, again it licks this time the tongue enters her pussy lips striking her throbbing clit causing yet another orgasm, the tongue keeps licking and licking, Anna almost crying begs it to stop, closing her eyes against the pleasure and pain Anna is horrified to see the woman standing near her legs as a large black dog greedily licks at Anna's pussy, Anna can see it growing aroused the dogs cock expanding and thrusting out of its long sheath, panting now the dog moves up Cli frozen body its claws scratching bloody lines over her stomach and bare breasts as the woman tugs at Anna's legs moving her down the desk, Anna feels the ellectra breath on her breasts and neck.

I never thought that you were the marrying kind. " "That's easily fixed.

He stood up on the bed, walked over to Chris and Kate, and squatted over her with his back arched. My other hand slowly moved down her belly and stopped at the beginning of her public hair.

Finally the woman falls away from the men as they all collapse. Just as I thought I could go on no more her entire body tensed up and she screamed, screamed out "YESSSSSSSS, That's IT. Chris. Slowly, Becky began to lick the folds of Jeanna's pussy, bottom to top and side to side.

"Damn, Johnny. But how could I in a running train. Jets of come splashed from his cock onto my belly and stomach. It was with her mother's boyfriend. She began to squirm around and offer instruction.

The door was fully closed, which told me he had gotten up at least once.

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Fauran 1 year ago
The only imaginary bullshit here is the crap you keep spouting, despite having no substantiation whatever. Bigotry against religion will justify anything, even the unbelievable bullshit you keep trying to force down our throats despite never convincing anyone sane.
Zulugul 1 year ago
Same, but puppy breath, and kitten claws. : )
Meztik 1 year ago
So harmful is what some people do? I can agree 100% with that. I know several things taught in school that is wrong. I know the medical kills more people than many things. I know there are many people kill for money or country. I just have never even seen religion being close in the harmful debate.
Mekora 1 year ago
Oh? So nothing. That's what i thought.
JoJole 1 year ago
Religion is simply opinion.
Neran 11 months ago
That's a matter of opinion, and assumes that the right to bear arms is responsible for the loss of human lives.
Zulunris 11 months ago
Seattle.. Where is Quebec's hockey team.
Mezijas 11 months ago
I wonder how many times Trudeau apologized?
Goshakar 11 months ago
Taken on face value the bible is totally unbelievable. The fact that the bible endorses slavery alone is enough to show anybody that it shouldn't be used as any kind of moral guide. Cue the religious 'training' (apologetics) from the hard of thinking for the production of excuses for biblical support of the slave trade.
Dailar 11 months ago
Lol true... this is why all my social media is locked and no coworkers have access to it.
Maudal 10 months ago
Oh nooooooo..... XD
Mikora 10 months ago
It's been 4 years since that was written. Research didn't stop in 2014 which is something you choose to ignore.
Milkis 10 months ago
He enjoyed a strong sense of emotion and has great zeal for his convictions. :)
Samull 10 months ago
By one tenth of one percentage point.
Gugal 10 months ago
I read this article the other day lol.
Gardara 10 months ago
Why does Will have a Hitler stache?
Shazuru 9 months ago
Copypasta. Cute. You don't know me very well, obviously.
Zuluktilar 9 months ago
Imagine being a gay person in a town where most shops have similar signs. Imagine how that would affect you psychologically, to be rejected frequently and perhaps daily.
Kigami 9 months ago
Corporatism rules OK in the Anglican Church here in Britain.
Shaktiran 9 months ago
Whereas trumptards like yourself drink cheap domestic beer and regurgitate alt-right talking points you clearly don't understand in the first place. Most people don't even bother with you whatsoever because they know you're gonna fuck it up on your own anyway Sling Blade. ;)
Vohn 9 months ago
There are plenty of former Muslims here in the UK, they aren?t all daft enough to believe in it. Islam is only Judaism with added nonsense just as Christianity is.

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