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"Yeah, all of the originals are housed together with the original manuscript of Plato's "Republic", the original manuscript of Josephus' "Antiquities of the Jews", the original manuscript of Tacitus' "Annals of Rome", and the original manuscript of Suetonius' "Lives of the Twelve Caesars". I'm assuming you know exactly where that is, right?"

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Voodoorr 11 months ago
Walmart has tried to appease the "fair wages" caterwauling crowd. In February 2016, the current CEO of Walmart, Doug McMillon, raised the entry-level hourly wage to $9 an hour and then to $10 (33% over the federal minimum) in early 2016. McMillon realized that had been the ?biggest driver? of a 13.3% reduction in corporate earnings: Higher wages have added $1.2 BILLION in annual costs in 2015 and are projected to be $1.5 billion for 2016. Walmart had its highest net income of $17 billion in 2012, and it dropped to $14.8 in 2015, and will drop to $12.6 in 2016. But Liberals do not care and ignore the REALITIES of the market: Left-wingers think that ANY profit is ?proof? that the companies can pay higher wages.
Makazahn 11 months ago
It takes you three days to come up with a response and you use a dumb- arse pic made by someone else?????
Meztizuru 10 months ago
The Theory of Evolution offers an explanation of common descent. Do not worry, I will not label you because of your ignorance of Christianity.
Kedal 10 months ago
The Word of God picks up the human to the Life of God. He is a Father and not keeping His Life selfishly for Himself. The Glory that He is He shares 100% in Fatherhood. That is the Love of the Father. That was your love to your children and that is God's Love to His Children. Thus we have a Superior Life. In this thread it is about being a Family. Without this Word you are not a Family member. Just here for debating. But the Family accepts and show Better Life.
Zulkik 10 months ago
Nice discussion, folks, enjoying it.^
Kazilkis 10 months ago
Evidence > your comment.
Tucage 10 months ago
Well, hey, if some students would consider having some fun at lunch - I would prefer them to use protection.
Groran 9 months ago
Good news for the Conservatives:
Mogor 9 months ago
I don't quite understand that last sentence. Please explain a bit more.
Kara 9 months ago
Os valores implicito e/ou explicitos na Religiao podem trazer a tona assuntos do cotidiano dos alunos; como, por exemplo, o viver bem em sociedade, respeitar o proximo, etc. Alias, se escrevessemos novamente a Lei (Os Dez Mandamentos, a maxima seria a de NAO FAZER AO PROXIMO AQUILO QUE NAO GOSTARIAMOS QUE NOS FIZEZEM. Unindo tudo isso a estrutura familiar, teremos formados bons cidadaos; que e tudo que nosso Pais necessita. Dai a razao e a importancia desse ensino nas escolas.
Faele 9 months ago
Rob. Not really. Is there something wrong with generalization, generally?
Malalkis 9 months ago
See I don't see it like that as much because when I was growing up you never heard it mentioned and now kids are bombarded with safe sex talks and what can happen if you choose wrong
Tygorisar 9 months ago
People not knowing the actual meaning of oppression is about to drive me bananas.
Nikokora 9 months ago
It varies according to sect, person, and time of day...
Zolozshura 8 months ago
Paying attention to an idea in your head?
Mazule 8 months ago
Since you haven't given a direct answer, I'll take that as a "no".
Brashicage 8 months ago
Think about it, get back to me when you figure it out
Gojas 8 months ago
As ignorant as all your hotHead replies : nobody can prove a negative.
Voshicage 8 months ago
This is my thought on women pastors.
Mem 8 months ago
The math is very easy, but the assumption is the foundation for the estimate.
Mazusida 7 months ago
We're still waiting for you to demonstrate that magic particle you call a singularity. No, you cannot demonstrate evolution any more than you can demonstrate little green men on another planet.
Talar 7 months ago
liberals suck arse.....liberals believe lies.....liberals live fake lives.
Zolokasa 7 months ago
And yet the car god/curse/salesman scenario is very similar to the Christian god/original sin/Jesus scenario.
JoJorisar 7 months ago
It's a penis thing. They all want to be bigger and better than everything.
Akinobei 7 months ago
Yeah, the (often off topic) long discussion between discussants aren't what counts to a success but the number of participants overall. And, maybe, the number of people who's thoughts have been altered even if they didn't participate in the discussion. That's a thing you can't measure in numbers.
Zulujinn 7 months ago
Until we know that all concepts exist in reality, there is no reason to assert they do.
Dourisar 6 months ago
See, admitting you are gay is the 1st step man.
Kazrat 6 months ago
Your hate is clouding your reason and logic. God created a perfect world put his human creation in a perfect garden. Even after their sin and expulsion from the garden they lived close to a thousand years. It appears after the flood in Noah's time there was some type of possible canopy that was lost that help protect the earth from harmful radiation. That and the cesspool caused by sin led to the DNA damage (malware in the DNA code).
Brajas 6 months ago
I see them labeled as mythology all the time.

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