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"I don't know what Equinsu said, but my first post with them was "The only things funnier than fat shaming are racism and rape jokes.". They have, like, no sense of humor at all. I used an e-mail address generator and made myself a couple of accounts to go back and look, and those self-righteous twats talked about me on that post for two days after I was banned and deleted."

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I had just assumed she wanted a proper, soap and water cleaning. " "I'll mis her," Ted admitted, "Her beautiful blue eyes looking at me as she gobbles me cock, that long blonde hair," "Offer her sixpence a time lad, she'll be back.

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The next few days, were similar to the one in the previous story. 30 minutes later Anna stands outside the shop staring at the door, she tries to pluck up the courage to enter.

She Bought it near her face and nervously licked the tip, not knowing what to expect. Then there are my cousins, Sanna, Andre and Victoria, or Vicky, Sanna and Andre being Tomas and Janna's kids and Vicky being Mona's daughter.

It wasn't easy to get to, but there was soaproot growing in abundence and I knew that we were going to need that before too long.

" Kane chuckled. "Fuck yes baby. He was avoiding to look down at me for some reason, I wasn't sure why since he didn't seem to mind that I fell asleep on him. "What did you just say to me?" She hissed and I just gave her a raised eyebrow, sipping my flavored coffee like a boss.

I am happy to serve and live for this opportunity. So with that in mind I responded "want me to fix it?" "Please do, just un-clip it for me. Alice's 'pussy' had gotten hard from sucking Dr.

My mom is a 40 year old half-chinese hottie, 52, D-cup sized breast, white skin, not slim nor fat and a long brownish hair. I obtained a high paying job as an analyst for a major brokerage firm in New Orleans once I had my MBA, but hated dealing with the greed I encountered every day.

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Yokinos 10 months ago
If you did, then you could admit that genocide, rape and slavery are immoral.
Tot 10 months ago
I agree with the point you're making, but one correction: According to Hitler himself, he was a Roman Catholic, and believed he was doing what "God" told him to do. I wouldn't classify him as an atheist.
Meztigrel 9 months ago
Family & friends. Things unfolding here just as I was warned by some wise old people that I once discounted. They lived under and escaped that system and watched Canada?s freedoms slowly start to erode, with all kinds of government controls and regulations.
Zuluzahn 9 months ago
Show me his permission from the Bible before calling others "false teachers". I'm not denying God called them gods, I'm denying called them deities.
Vitaxe 9 months ago
Oh it happened......many wonderful days of it.
Arasho 9 months ago
Perhaps people don't see that prayer is useless because prayer isn't useless.
Gardajinn 9 months ago
Ditto to what Gehennah said
Dujin 8 months ago
dogs are so cool.
Fauzilkree 8 months ago
Religion can be an emotional solace in times of sorrow, in exactly the same way a placebo can provide relief from a medical malady. They are both lies, but you feel better because ignorance is bliss.
Nem 8 months ago
WHY are you defending this man?
Vosida 8 months ago
"There is a God-shaped vacuum in the heart of every man/woman which cannot be filled by any created thing, but only by God the Creator, made known through Jesus Christ."
Faenris 8 months ago
God was never in the equation. It?s always been imaginary.
Tojasida 8 months ago
Are you aware of how severely abortions are restricted in the third trimester? The Roe standard is a near perfect balance of the rights of women and fetuses. Your line is drawn too early which is unnecessarily dismissive of women's rights especially for a libertarian.
Dotaur 7 months ago
Why be mad at science? The religionists who don't support science just haven't moved with the times--the church has long since realised by learning the hard way not to get in the way of scientific development. Granted they use the developments to their advantage to propaganda their way through indoctrinating and attempting to "prove" they "knew all along", but they've at least stopped fighting science. Only the most fanatical old testament type of person (not refering to the bible, btw, just the term) would pretend science is wrong.
Kigalabar 7 months ago
if it doesnt get all over the place,, it doesnt belong in your face..
Gozragore 7 months ago
happy birthday,to them..
Danos 6 months ago
We all have a dog in the fight you have a world view as much as I do. We both want to see society progress and we both want to live in peace.
Goltisar 6 months ago
If Jesus can see the entire world from the top of a mountain, the Earth is flat. No matter how high up you go, you can't see the other side of the planet.
Samuro 6 months ago
I think they can still do an impairment test, like with drunk driving.
Kagarr 6 months ago
They don't own the space, they don't get to deem what's appropriate for them to do there.
Maujora 6 months ago
Experience is the best teacher. It is not something that can be taught with words or books.
JoJohn 6 months ago
There is that. Ageing well would be handy except you?d be carded all the time at the bars.
Tubei 6 months ago
If the parks are separated, it?s for a reason. Can?t follow the rules, stay home
Vozshura 6 months ago
The one I see the most threads made about is ?You can?t prove god, so that proves there?s no god?.
Maumi 5 months ago
What does that have to do with the comments made in the op? The OP implies that if abortion is not allowed the woman has no choice... When in fact she does. She can chose not to engage in activities that produce babies. Claiming that "choice" is something that can only be applied to murdering the innocent child after the fact is rank misdirection.
Jura 5 months ago
How do I know because I know who my ancestors were. I am 100% Hispanic
Branos 5 months ago
No, Gillette, this isn't her giving her opinion. This is TSunami telling you, flat out, the facts. The baker violated the law and didn't even get to what the cake would look like before he refused service to the gay customers, solely because they were gay.
Sarn 5 months ago
I'm sorry Yvonne.
Kazrajar 5 months ago
Rob if you didn't GAF you would stop harassing me.
Fegore 4 months ago
Funny how you can't provide a single example of the exact same conditions producing different outcomes. Funny how you can't cite a single mainstream, peer-reviewed scientist who presupposes an orderly universe or a single mainstream, peer-reviewed scientific source enunciating these rules of the game baked into the very foundation of science and to which everyone agrees, but does not feel the need to express. Funny how you can't even relate these "rules of the game" to any aspect of the scientific method. And by the way, it wouldn't be a pattern if it didn't repeat. You're not fooling anyone.
Vudojar 4 months ago
Well thanks! I'll pay more attention to topics that I could bring here. :-)
Mikale 4 months ago
Kaos has an apeal I?ll admit to that. I worry a bit about my children but they?re up and on their way so it?s all good. Getting old is not for sissies mind you.
Doukasa 4 months ago
That is not bad for me.
Moogurn 4 months ago
Thankfully I gave up on evolution a long time ago- it?s nice to see the ?settled science? people get hufffy puffy though.
Vitaur 3 months ago
Yes I thought it was just shameful. A 77 year old woman was crying but they rush to defend him.

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