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562 10:191 year ago

"except you can't say that. Not with any certainty"

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The next few days, were similar to the one in the previous story. I could use the black plastic to rig up a water collector though.

FamilyStrokes - Sexy Teen Obsessed With Her step Cousins Huge Cock

Causing her Penetrattion to buck as her legs shook against his head. My fingers parted her pussy lips and stroked across her clit and inner lips. Brock told her about his plans to go up to Vermont with his buddies, and Kate sat up and said, "WHAT.

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Ive decided to look at the airway(or thats what they call it.

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Kikree 1 year ago
I am not sure what is being argued in this game. Christianity still exists, whether Constantine personally adopts it or not. It has already spread through the empire and is growing, even through it has been officially outlawed. Getting the emperor on board at that moment had a huge impact, but only at the top levels of government and society. It changed nothing for the grassroots growth of the religion. My point being Christianity being what it was, and Roman polytheism being what it was, Christianity was still going to spread.
Tesho 1 year ago
only Heaven.. there is no place called hell for the Righteous!!!
Arashikazahn 11 months ago
All it took was people creating a dam. That's not "a lot of manmade orchestration". It's a single event, caused by people, that fulfills a so-called prophecy. If that's what you call a biblical prophecy then I'm done here as this is a waste of my time.
Brale 11 months ago
Then so much for religion and guess who's wasting everyone's time.
Guktilar 11 months ago
Pedantic projections. Anything else asshole?
Malakree 11 months ago
Jewish people don?t disbelieve that a Rabbi names Jesus (English name) existed.
Mezizuru 11 months ago
Again, so you claim. It can't prove.
Meztik 11 months ago
Hitler believed in the Pope Pius XII (former cardinal Pacelli) who as a papal nuncio to Germany facilitated his ascent to power
Brarisar 11 months ago
So... anywhere between 15% religious and 75% religious it's a wash... with African, Caribbean, and South Asian countries bringing up the tail with high religiosity and low iq.
Kazigrel 10 months ago
God fearful of a higher power.
Nikogrel 10 months ago
Well, two weeks of Clippers predraft workouts and I'm going on vacation.
Samujar 10 months ago
The village idiot laughs a lot.
Yokasa 10 months ago
Obviously you don't respect our female troops
Nazuru 10 months ago
I'm watching summer league preseason etc, I got school and this is the way I relax
Teran 10 months ago
" Any specific system of belief ... can be said to be religion" However that is not what most understand by religion. Basically that involves redefining the term to suit the argument, but of course it will return to its actual meaning involving a god when it suits. Rather than moving the goalposts to make religion mean everything, just accept that some people what to have beliefs without it getting the 'religion' label.
Tazahn 9 months ago
"Experience is the best teacher," or so we're told.
Samukinos 9 months ago
Where did I deflect anything? And where did I say it was 'right'? What I am saying is that if you are going to be outraged, then you need to be consistently outraged across the board. But people aren't 'outraged' because of the word. This isn't about having respect for women. They are outraged because politics. If Ivanka was still a democrat, do you think the right would care what words she was called? They wouldn't. The same is true for the other side.
Kazigami 9 months ago
I guess I just had other things to do.
Mezikus 9 months ago
YEP. Anyone else they would have just arrested.
Voodoom 9 months ago
So God's non-existence has been proven?
Zulubar 9 months ago
LMFAO so all those adults who committed these crimes based on their "holy book and gawd's words" and their religion that comes from it, are now babies sh%tt#ng in their diapers huh?
Tukora 9 months ago
The one I love is when there is a bad accident and people are severely injured. People all will pray to god for their healing. Maybe they should pray to the surgeon that will actually DO the start of the healing. What is their answer if the person doesn't make it? It was god's will. Balderdash.
Samutilar 8 months ago
Speaking of which... I had WordStar on my first PC... a CP/M beauty. It did exist. :)
Mashura 8 months ago
Kim's husband is a fool
Aragore 8 months ago
Nope. You are misinterpreting it. It ruled a private business providing healthcare coverage through an employee sponsored plan has the right to decide which items they will and will not pay to cover for their employees. In this case it was a religious exemption to the ACA rule to provide birth control. Had zilch to do with customers.
Dak 8 months ago
*Facepalm*... you can't actually be this bad with English! You've got to be messing with me... :D
Arajinn 8 months ago
Nope. (If the Pastor did not coarse the person to kill themselves)
Aragal 7 months ago
Germaphobe. Get it/don't get it. She has probably had someone's genitals in her mouth at some point but is terrified of stapler?
Kagadal 7 months ago
HOLY CRAP...consider that everyone might not scroll through & read everything posted below prior to responding to recent posts...responding to an inquiry/concept put forth honestly doesn't have to equate to an agenda to derail or take over a topic... I have no 'agenda' here, merely made an observation. GEEZ. The OP begs for the topic to predictably drift into an area that apparently is clearly verboten for this fair. Perhaps stating as much in the OP might have helped/been in order. Just sayin'... WOW...will THIS be deleted too?
Taujin 7 months ago
I think you may have it!!
Kalmaran 7 months ago
I do read well. Hence why I was able to correctly interpret Indiana Code and you were not. This argument is done since you've only managed to continually shift goal posts and simply want to refuse to admit you are wrong.
JoJonos 7 months ago
Dude, what? Why... would Trump care about educated voters in Europe? You know their vote counts for nothing, right?

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