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""Responsible" is pretty ambiguous. What does one do when they are "responsible?""

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Anyway, the trip to Grand Central was pretty uneventful and upon arrival I saw the station was busy as ever for a Friday night at 3:00AM.

Hairyy a while, Annie stood up and kissed him hard.

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Thank you. "I'm going to need your full attention my love" she said and kissed his nose as she slid off his lap and moved to the bed where Abby had made her self comfortable.

Short skirts and skimpy tops were haiey common. Since then I've been craving for a dad's love. He bathed it gently, clothed it with clean Outtdoor ironed underwear, and checked every morning after waking up to see if Taylor had not stolen it away from him.

Mud haiy a handkerchief is better than on your pants" I got my hanky and put it inside my boxers and pulled them naturaos. "Wow, Mary, you really outdid yourself that time," Cap panted, looking down at his sister's butthole as it slowly closed after he pulled his cock out.

Comment and rate please. ?Her moanings got louder as my fingertips reached her magic knob and started to play with it. Bill was also whoring out other girls, so he didn't fuck her everyday at home.

They were really shocked to see this and their eyes bulged out.

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Akinorr 8 months ago
"What do you think?"
Nasho 8 months ago
I'm sorry, luv. :) The mythicist position is that Jesus was a myth, that he never existed.
Yokree 8 months ago
I am lmboooooooo????????
Zulkik 8 months ago
Well, well, well! Good morning my little sweet slice of sunshine!
Tagar 7 months ago
Cool! I always wondered why they rejected books that the church considered Canon for a thousand years...
Kazihn 7 months ago
The ONLY reason I wouldn't advocate anyone having more than 2 kids (or even 1 kid) would be the pull on their uterus.
Maujas 7 months ago
It's not my fault if you resent being exposed for making claims you can't prove up.
Kigagis 7 months ago
I would guess that the part that you consider "fair minded" was the first paragraph, which is simply stating the Christian view. As soon as he strayed from what you've been taught, it turned into a "rant".
Samuktilar 7 months ago
To be exact, he wasn't a revolutionary: he was an Arabic nationalist trying to destroy other cultures. A fascist, if compared with the history of the 20th century.
Dairamar 7 months ago
You know when you're sitting looking at your bosses computer and he clicks between tabs and it comes up with search results for "How to tell if you have a healthy vagina"
Vudojinn 6 months ago
I have no problem with tech like this being advanced. But cost is a huge factor. A simple combination gun lock can cost you less than 10 bucks for example and perform the same function compared to $150 or more for a biometric lock. Not to mention, from my experience...biometric locks can fail from time to time due to various reasons being the tech is still quite new.
Fauzil 6 months ago
I was never sure the origin so I could never gauge exactly why TA except that it was a large forum that leans left. Comment boards have never been particularly pleasant, but I think somewhat delighted in trying to ruin positive conversation or just thought it represented some kind of larger cultural penetration.
Tasho 6 months ago
He is a tool. A tool for finally getting to fiscal sanity.
Dougal 6 months ago
Remember that when you are in hell and cannot get out. You see how lost you are. Who did Jesus killed. A Christian is like Jesus you lost soul. You are so blind that you cannot tell a true Christian from a hypocrite. Here is a fact. You have no relation with God the Father are Christ and that is your problem.
Voodooll 6 months ago
More Trump racism.
Gardajind 5 months ago
my point is, ironically, that if you believe in only one true version of islam, you must believe in it's version of god.
Vukinos 5 months ago
I, for one, and incredibly surprised that D got as many votes as A.
Meztit 5 months ago
I dont see supporting hate speech laws as being militant.
Daizuru 5 months ago
Ok, so the light from a mythical location shining on child victims of the dangerous mind pollution of religion.
Kajiran 5 months ago
Do you have endometriosis? I might have spelled that wrong or be confusing it with something else...
Arazuru 5 months ago
Thankfully the one true Christian has joined us on Disqus to explain how it really is.
Nekus 4 months ago
One look at these bozos - even before they open their lying, slavering mouths - you can tell they are snake-oil salesmen out to con the gullible.

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