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"In other words, you think you should be the supreme arbiter of who gets tax money and who doesn't."

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Jugor 1 year ago
I've found myself embellishing a story just to make it a tad more interesting. Sometimes you want to tell a story so bad but then you realize it lacks the punch for the person who wasn't there....but the basis of the story is still entirely true.
Kigazahn 11 months ago
That right there^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Aralkree 11 months ago
Yeah but things are great
Moogushura 11 months ago
Respond to a crime =/= Respond to Becky's racism.
Kaktilar 11 months ago
Not necessarily so, the 'cost' is much more than 'money' itself, yet, money is the 'root' of why such things are being provided and accepted by those who have been 'brainwashed' into believing that 'murder' at any level is OK.
Viktilar 11 months ago
I get where you're coming from. I try to be responsible too.
Grolrajas 11 months ago
That I have not! I'll have to check them out. I love the really old blues stuff. Lead Belly, John Lee Hooker, WC Clark..
Dut 11 months ago
....and so, your side's's it going so far?
Groshura 11 months ago
You don't arbitrarily pick, you "TEST", which is quite a different thing. 1 Thessalonians 5:21 Test everything
Yogore 10 months ago
no you are taking fable and falsely claiming it is some kind of science.
Mibar 10 months ago
I have nothing to hide. Yes I watch porn sometimes idc
Zulkill 10 months ago
"How's it working out for the Europeans?
Tam 10 months ago
2 in 5 sexually active teens have an STI that will lead to sterilization or death. 2 out of 3 sexually active teens have an sti.
Dizahn 10 months ago
No, as you are clearly missing the point and wasting my time.
Doutaur 10 months ago
This place is huge there?s tons of room
Tojaran 9 months ago
When this is brought to SCOTUS again (since they didn't address the main issue at all), I do hope that the "dog wedding cake" is mentioned!
Kar 9 months ago
What's the matter did Trump get you kicked off your welfare payments and your EBT card?

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