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"It's filthier there. ??"

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Ive decided to look at the airway(or thats what they call it. Lets describe my whole family, shall we.

I am led to one corner and told to kneel. "Shirt off," I managed to mumble against his lips. Who's the sucker now. Bill knew all about mom and had gone to get his hands on her a few times. My legs have been so very sore recently. She walked to blg kitchen and opene up the rum bottle.

One looks at the other and then moves to the woman, reaching out he cups one breast flicking the nipple with his thumb, suck it she commands' moaning again without a word he leans down taking it in his mouth, pulling on it bit his teeth as he sucks it hard.

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Mokasa 10 months ago
I'm sorry, become?
Maurr 10 months ago
That's bend me over and f me hard for $1000, Alex?
Tajas 9 months ago
You'd be better off down the pub blagging to your mates, they probably think your smart, especially after they've had a few bevies.
Kegis 9 months ago
depends on how much i like him... the soulllllll pole
Yozshurisar 9 months ago
you know im rooting for you, buddy.
Toran 9 months ago
I's all so confusing. Have sex for TEH BABIES!! Don't want babies? DON'T HAVE TEH SEX!!!! Don't have sex with teh menz, then WE HATE ALL TEH MENZ! Where is our resident mansplainer to mansplain this for us, since we clearly are missing something.
Goltitaur 9 months ago
Sure I can... I'll go home, cook something that will make smoke and voila! it'll go off.
Sarisar 8 months ago
You Must Bake The Cake
Mazujar 8 months ago
It is actually bang on. You need to get yours checked out
Kajijar 8 months ago
Barnyard ethics . . . I'm not sure why we're surprised that kids wind up acting like animals when . . .. oh, never mind . . .
Gujar 8 months ago
Interesting how you quote an extreme racist for evidence that slavery was good in some way. So you always quote racists to back up your arguments?
Shalar 8 months ago
Talking points are enough Sling Blade, Fox News and conservative radio, you?re not the only person listening Sling Blade, you?re just the percentage stupid enough to believe it. ;)
Bakus 7 months ago
Dammit I was over at LHN and missed all of this?!?!?!
Mazuzahn 7 months ago
Upvote for interesting word I've never encountered: codicils
Tegrel 7 months ago
Is this story one that fits the description of science?
Zulugal 7 months ago
So what convinced you that any deities exist?
Tygoll 7 months ago
Why do they have to be experts on gun issues to have a voice? Are you saying victim impact statements are inappropriate at trials, because victims don't know much about the law?
Mezigul 6 months ago
I enjoy reading Revelation for novel ideas. Some of the content in Revelation sounds like a video game.
Nagor 6 months ago
I think Mohammed had more impact, Christians were pretty (very) loosey-goosey about what they believed, after those first five centuries. "We want to run your government and make you pay a tax to keep your beliefs--which are all fraudulent anyway!" was the approach the Muslims brought to Christians, and there was a sudden flurry of theological rigour supporting the faith.
Zuluhn 6 months ago
What God claim? We are just talking about whether DNA is a code or not, aren't we?
Mezigami 6 months ago
DNA is not code. The letters AGCT are nonthinking chemicals that react in away that they have to. We could use a ?code? to describe a combustion reaction, CH + O2 ->H2O + CO2... but in the end the hydro carbon will react with O2 in a nonthinking chemical reaction..
Dajas 6 months ago
And yet the fundangelicals consider Catholics not true Christians....
Magar 5 months ago
Thankfully the mods disagree.
Malalkis 5 months ago
I guess you are not familiar with my topic. You realize Richard Dawkins agrees with me, right?
Dousho 5 months ago
I know I ain't.
Kisar 5 months ago
It that article
Akinojinn 5 months ago
To put that island into perspective, a white dwarf is dense enough such that it is similar to the mass of the sun condensed to the size of earth. Within a white dwarf, the distance between atomic nuclei is about 1 picometer, the same size as that ant island in the scenario.
Mezizilkree 5 months ago
Glad to read below that you made it through alright & you have a PLAN! Here's hoping the treatments are also less taxing than you've been led to believe (we can hope, right?).
Gami 5 months ago stinky....this woman had an addiction to raw garlic....seriously
Zulkijind 4 months ago
Glad you asked. Here's the other Jesus story taken mostly from the synoptics. Jesus was the illegitimate son of a teenage Mary and his father unknown since Mark 6:3 describes Jesus as "son of Mary," not "son of Joseph." In fact Joseph is never mentioned in Mark. Jesus wasn?t the Messiah given (Luke 1:32) ?the throne of his father David? because Jesus never sat or David?s throne or had a human father which was essential in patrilineal Judaism. Mary?s genealogy?s irrelevant.
Tygolmaran 4 months ago
"An omniscient, omnipotent God"
Feshicage 4 months ago
Are you done or shall I get you a tissue?
Magami 4 months ago
I would have told you earlier if you weren't so secretive.
Taular 4 months ago
That was because of the two morons in Walkerton.

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