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"Pizza party at Disneyland's Hall of Presidents. Would be Chuck E Cheese, but they removed their robots."

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All I could think is that if I had to die at 30 I wanted to die while having sex with Greg. "Be glad they don't," Mary smirked, "if wquirt knew the three of us were fucking they'd cut off your pussy supply like that. She parted her legs and Kevin could see her hairy cunt lips, parted and waiting and nestled deeply between her buttocks.

I compared the two. But as is usual with me I didn't want to cum fast, I wanted to draw out any pleasure, keep things going as long as possible so that my mind is swimming in the experience.

?Can I watch?. We would shower together, she would dress slutty, walk to work, serve her evergrowing male clients, and come back FForced get fucked by John. ?please be honest.

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Zuluzil 11 months ago
I do read well. Hence why I was able to correctly interpret Indiana Code and you were not. This argument is done since you've only managed to continually shift goal posts and simply want to refuse to admit you are wrong.
Mikakasa 11 months ago
You mean like Zeus???? AND HINDUISM!?!?!?
Kagajora 11 months ago
I will not disappoint you and let you know from the gitgo that I will not watch the video. I am what all here call a fundamentalist. Jesus is my Lord and Savior. The Bible is the Word of God. Many here know where I stand and know that I will not waver. Only one thing has changed my life and that is the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. Fare thee well.
Yolkree 10 months ago
Because they ARE NOT facts.
Zuludal 10 months ago
Tell us about "laws of science" as opposed to "theory," please.
Dasar 10 months ago
Make more bullets and bombs i say
Goltizshura 10 months ago
"Uhh, yeah. In fact: The universe came into existence. Stars began popping up and then galaxies formed. Now you know"
Tauzil 10 months ago
Are you so feminized that you classify arguing in favor for boys issues ?vapid machismo??
Gunos 9 months ago
Then thanks for sharing your religious belief.
Gardatilar 9 months ago
What does that even mean? "We are all equal in death"... can you flesh that out or is it just flimflam?
Jukora 9 months ago
But who cares? I'm certain there will never come a day when most people don't have a faith of some kind. It's part of the human condition. Better get used to it.
Arashigrel 9 months ago
Sounds like you need to wear nothing and do some catching up.

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