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716 11:141 year ago

"In America... where the majority of people are white..."

TUSHY Girlfriends Alex Grey and Karla Kush Try Anal Together

She kissed my cheek and offered me some cereal, which I declined because I really didn't eat breakfast, so I just took some coffee. I got to the place and locked up my bike.

TUSHY Girlfriends Alex Grey and Karla Kush Try Anal Together

That really hit the spot. "How many women have your penis fucked?" There was a long, deep silence. "I saw you last night. If you want pictures of her and my professor email me: sandmanreturnsyahoo. Evangeline wrapped her arms around her mate's neck pressing her body to his as she continued to move.

I am happy to serve and live for this opportunity. - No Annie, she's at the library, but I think she'll be here soon.

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Zulkitaur 1 year ago
And it's entire different from Christianity and Islam which of course means that it must be wrong.
Malashakar 1 year ago
Please don't dodge the question. If if isn't a baby, as you're asserting, why don't you consider yourself pro abortion? If abortion solves a the big problem of unwanted pregnancy, why don't you embrace the title of pro abortion? Why do you shy away from it?
Fenribei 1 year ago
...and WBush, and Clinton, and HWBush, and Reagan......etc... The U series numbering changed in the early 80's (ie., what used to be called U7 is now U6, and the missing number I think was what used to be called U4, which included Military, and was only measured for about 10 years), but the measures themselves, and the underlying criteria... have not changed.
Moogujin 1 year ago
I apologize in advance for being technical and pedantic. I have researched the violence from what are now called 'incel". In short:
Jushicage 1 year ago
The Words and how it is written can cause people to miss interpreted what is written. If you read the KJV of the bible can be miss interpreted. But if people correctly interpreted the scriptural to draw the true message from the bible. Then this would be the inspired message from God the Father.
Shakazuru 11 months ago
Exactly. What quality of life does a young person who does nothing but stare down on their phone have? But they're young so their opinion matters more. REALLY makes me mad.
Yokinos 11 months ago
We discussed that below.
Moogurn 11 months ago
Just handed it to him.
Maulmaran 11 months ago
Doing my research for the next "Alternate History" post... and there's a weird note that in the 600s the Chinese let the Christians build a monastary in each of the imperial provinces, and started persecuting the Buddhists.
Akikree 11 months ago
I'm sure we'll all be busy and miss it. Just like all the others.
Faukora 10 months ago
The closest relative I can think of is Jewish, honestly I can't think of any ultra fundamentalist, militant, Jewish person who would be on par with the Christians.
Nikokasa 10 months ago
Really? I don't believe in something, and I believe that, that something is not. Hmm - sounds the same to me.
Faern 10 months ago
I get that, it's simply not possible for everyone, child or adult. The only solution would be for people to be kinder, which isn't possible with the way the world is now.
Mujinn 10 months ago
My best friend Jose Quervo will take mean words to you.
Fenrik 9 months ago
Hahaha ! I believe the part about stalkers....

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