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882 10:0911 months ago

"But its not just the OT that needs to be discussed. EIther the entire book is real making Jesus real and all his actions or not."

Daddy, Do You Like My New Glasses?

I was yhe up at the sky when I felt Belinda's oiled fingers loosely wrap around my cock. She looked up with curious eyes as I laid her on her back atop the rumpled sheets. Cheryl sat next to Kevin.

I am kneeling and no I am not to raise my head to look so I use my peripheral vision as much as possible to see all that is about me.

Daddy, Do You Like My New Glasses?

"What's your name?" The lady behind the counter asked. At least, not biologically. " "Don't look at me," Junior chuckled, "I gllory think of a better way to celebrate. "Big, I must say; very big. Bill knew all about mom and had gone to get his hands on her a few times.


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Nazil 11 months ago
Because we know how wind turbines work maybe?
Kigarisar 11 months ago
"What could constitute substantial support from intuition or intellect more than a god sending himself to sacrifice himself to himself to save us from himself?"
Mikarisar 10 months ago
And do you choose to believe those magical claims, without any evidence that they happened? I suppose you do if you believe the bible. I can't.
Zusar 10 months ago
URI Geller is one of the most tested psychics by the US government under scientific protocols ever, along with Ingo Swan. He?s also well known to the US government for his scientifically validated psychic abilities. See SRI aka Stanford Research Institute and Ingo Swan.
Arashitaxe 10 months ago
Seems we might move into the same direction.
Galkis 10 months ago
I understand what you're saying. However, I've learned a lot on this site by paying attention to All points of view. I came here to discuss the issues and find out what others think of those issues. I have no desire to read nothing but echoes of my own thoughts - where's the fun in that?
JoJojind 10 months ago
Vote for change, not more of the same garbage.
Madal 9 months ago
The chart speaks for itself.
Melkree 9 months ago
"The religious type."
Aragar 9 months ago
Sorry, I have a soldier's point of view. War is very much a norm for humans. That doesn't mean I agree with it... since soldiers' lives are the ones generally lost.
Mooguk 9 months ago
But he wasn't a starter and he never came close to a ring before he played with Lebron. Remember, he was a salary throw in so they could get Shumpert, he wasn't considered a major piece of that deal.
Shakazahn 9 months ago
He's a waste of time for real, always up to no good talking shit. That's better ignored, heard him a little before, ain't got no sense.
Kagasar 8 months ago
Bizarrotrump was to busy frothing at the mouth because of his hate for Trump but didn't even read the artical, what a fucking brainwashed libtard embarrassing himself like this
Shakagami 8 months ago
I hope he sues them back until their butts hurt.......oh, wait - that's what they love.....i forgot.
Macage 8 months ago
That reminds me of the song from the musical Hamilton...
Kajigor 8 months ago
I've never heard of such, but then I live in Texas.
Yozshugore 8 months ago
ha! now there's an interesting perspective you don't hear everyday.
Voodoozragore 8 months ago
You cannot see the wind.
Voodoozragore 8 months ago
They had been watching this company for about a year. Only arrestesd the workers.
Tausho 7 months ago
LOL. I never had anyone ask me about my credit score on a date. That would be funny.
Maran 7 months ago
Keep it classy. You do your argument no favours by stooping to abuse.
Faejora 7 months ago
All my friends are virtual ghosts on the internets =/
Mikatilar 7 months ago
Marcus Welby was a character on tv years ago. Mda refers to a drug known as a sally. Are you a still living at home? Did you set up an apartment downstairs? Are you borrowing mom's laptop?
Dourisar 6 months ago
"That is slut shamming."
Zolojas 6 months ago
you know my coworkers are picky! they are so picky I know they would pick someone good
Jujin 6 months ago
You will be the same person whether you consider yourself a Christian or not. It is your actions not your "beliefs" that matter.
Shazragore 6 months ago
You are welcome!
Zulkitaur 6 months ago
You described the situation that I identified: the American blacks are mostly victims of their own subculture, and the leaders of the black community are those responsible for sustaining this disaster. The models for the black children are not scientists, engineers and medical doctors: their success models are useless idiots in sport and the entertaining business.
JoJojas 6 months ago
So you apply your fallible human tests to the word of god!
Tale 6 months ago
"I came home early from work and stumbled upon a scene I hadn't expected. Borkchops was swimming in the pool wearing nothing but a smile. Despite being startled by my unannounced entry, he looked at me with a smile and said, 'Hi Pirate. Won't you join me?'"
Dull 5 months ago
Um, Diana had it 'all' and was miserable. You couldn't pay me to marry into that family. Royalty makes me nauseous.
Grolabar 5 months ago
no. if i do business with someone it is a mutual relationship. if they dont want my money, cool. someone will. the whole lifestyle thing is a smokescreen.
Kigashicage 5 months ago
Employer need to face consequence, that good idear
Akinonris 5 months ago
wow holy filters on her face

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