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"Islam is a harmful totalitarian ideology, it gradually destroys every culture it comes in contact with. Turkey used to be Christian, Iran used to be Zoroastrian, Afghanistan used to be Buddhist. All these civilizations were destroyed by Islam."

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Akinris 8 months ago
No clue which book I recalled it from, which is why i did not cite. But its pretty common in that era and biblical "archology" gets caught on that stuff all the time.
Mokora 8 months ago
Why should I show you?
Dukazahn 7 months ago
I tried it, didnt work
Doukazahn 7 months ago
I'm a 100%er
Doukree 7 months ago
Subjugated to what or whom?
Gardabar 7 months ago
YOU claim to be a Native American, yet you insult your brothers and sisters with you bs claims. YOU are about as Native American as white people who falsely claim they are.
Gozilkree 7 months ago
How embarrassing for you that this what not what happened in this article. There was precisely ONE white man (i.e. not plural) whose politics were not identified (i.e. not liberal)
Toshicage 7 months ago
I guess you kept them tightly on the plantation/compound and wouldn't let them play with those "heathen" kids down the road...
Vugore 6 months ago
IT is supposed to keep Morality in check...( Religion) ...... Motivation is where Morality really is. ?? ??
Zulurn 6 months ago
Hey Dufus! How much do you want to bet that his money came from Russians. I say it didn?t. Put what little money you get from Social Security where your mouth is.
Zulkik 6 months ago
It is a birthday present to myself. I like humor.
Tecage 6 months ago
If you knew, you could prove it, but you can't.
Shaktizshura 6 months ago
God created everything you can see. Including your stupid question.
Gogar 5 months ago
I agree that getting genuine answers rather than debate is valuable when seriously questioning.
Tojalar 5 months ago
Is ?religion out of view? in the US?
Dijar 5 months ago
One. No competesion. Natural is complete his. Help yourself. It see, how ., thank
Badal 5 months ago
Because guns are a multiplier. Both homicides and suicides will occur irrespective of weapon.
Daizil 5 months ago
Hahaha and how do you know that? Were you there? No. You are basing your conclusions on logic and disregard all historic text that does not fit in your box.
Dor 4 months ago
Interesting observation. Never thought about what they would be like WITHOUT a god. Some people are just good people I guess.
Muzilkree 4 months ago
We are not a monolith. What? Do you think we all think alike? Haitians were enslaved by the French. Different background and culture. Blacks from different parts of the diaspora all have had different experiences. We simply all don't see the same things. There are even some black Republicans who think as you do. Ben Carson comes to mind. He was a great surgeon. But politics elude him. The black community has abandoned him. He is an ass kissing black man.
Mazil 4 months ago
No I don't miss the point, but you are. Your Christian values change radically over time. You say Christian moral is needed to set a standard. I say that standard doesn't exist.
Terr 4 months ago
If bad people can be on earth, then why can't they be in heaven? No matter what crimes a person may have committed, eternal damnation is not not fair punishment. If there are bad people in heaven, you shouldn't hang out with them. It's easy, isn't it? No, I don't have a problem with it if Adolf is in heaven right now.
Meztikora 4 months ago
Go do your homework.

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