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I swallowed hard at the sight of the man's face and scrambled out from the corner I was looking from and into the little house I was living in for the week we were in Texas. In the process they became friendly to each other that sometimes my professor helps my mom in doing groceries or washing the dishes.

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Mugul 3 months ago
Rolling my eyes...
Kazishicage 3 months ago
The big bang isn't evidence of your god anymore than it being evidence for a time traveling baby and his talking dog.
Magore 3 months ago
Normally I would agree with you on most things but something here troubles me. All we have to go on is the 'transgender' woman has a penis. What is to prevent a heterosexual male pretending to be transgender female in order to get a bit of sexual excitement? If the lady in the resort has no real way of knowing if the customer is a genuine transgender or a chancer, what is she expected to do? If her job description says that she only has to take female customers, surely that doesn't mean that she has to take anyone who has a penis?
Tukasa 3 months ago
Actually, no one had the idea before God did. Christianity was God's plan for humans before the earth was created. Satan, however, is known to be a murderer, counterfeiter, and a deceiver. Any religion other than Christianity having a similar idea, is merely a false copy of God's original plan.
Mezinris 2 months ago
Grrrrr. You beat me to it, Wimpy.
Nezil 2 months ago
they can point to what they think is gods law....but maybe its not.
Madal 2 months ago
Um. Wait, what!?
Digal 2 months ago
One more thing (boy, I'm a judgey cvnt today aren't I?) WHY DO PEOPLE TAKE NEWBORNS TO DISNEY?!
Fenrisar 2 months ago
Where is bat boy these days?
Vikazahn 2 months ago
Oh, good Lord did you hear yourselves after Hudak lost and Turdeau won? Good grief you progs are so ridiculously self oblivious. Try NOT being a hypocrite for a change. I know it will take some real effort on your part, but you will be better for it.
Tolmaran 2 months ago
Namecalling, to boot. Sayonara. Not even gonna explain how we do things here. Just bye.
Gucage 2 months ago
Nothing funny about whores gus they have low self esteem, remember how your mom used to walk around all the time saying, "I need money to raise my boy gus..."and then she would put on Jean nate perfume and a bunch of "Uncles" came to visit you? That was your mom being a whore...
Teshicage 2 months ago
I define in terms of level of sanity and reason.
Akit 2 months ago
White boys are ostracized. Rampid toxic fenisim and liberalism in academia guilt them on white, christian and male privilege. Its cancer.
JoJora 2 months ago
Well... I'm an Anglican, but I know the Catholics recognize my baptism as legit.
Baran 1 month ago
Suggest you read Doris Kearns Goodwin's Team of Rivals.
Kazradal 1 month ago
So you think expressing total rage on an internet comment board at anyone who gets in your way is going to put an end to that?
Ferr 1 month ago
That's strange. When I searched google for "what is darwinism" I got this:
Jukazahn 4 weeks ago
Just stating FACTS, trying to educate younger people that if they live below their means and save money they too can have a great retirement! So we are now supposed to think 1.5% GDP "growth" and not a single year of 3% GDP growth (Obama's 8 year average) is a booming economy? When the fed keeps interest rates at ZERO percent for 7 years NO ONE in their right mind could call that a booming economy! The fed raises interest rates during booming economies to stave off inflation! Then again there are many like you who aren't in their right mind!
Kajik 2 weeks ago
I'm on a first name basis with the senior staff at my favorite restaurant. Been going there since they opened 24 years ago. But it's a customer/company relationship, albeit a friendly one.
Gutilar 2 weeks ago
I wonder! Ireland just had a landslide vote for abortion rights. Does that mean that all those middle of the road types came out to vote?
Dokasa 2 weeks ago
Totes cray cray!
Kigale 1 week ago
Christianity is unique in that God became Human and lived among us.
Mauktilar 1 week ago
sure, as soon as you give me a logical reason to do so

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