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"It seems you dismiss out of hand anything that doesn't agree with your current conclusion. That leads to confirmation bias."

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My fingers were soaked wet. As if released the other man is in front of Anna, grasping her breasts and pushing them together as he licks across both nipples sucking first one then the other, Anna's hand grasps the back of his head pushing it into her breasts teenn she moans loudly as well.

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I liked it better that way, because they left the light on, and I could see her better. When she entered the room all eyes were on her.

He came so hard his cum shot up and hit his chin and Chris's chest. She Bought it near her face and nervously licked the tip, not knowing what to expect. "That's fine. Kevin wondered what she tasted like. Jag ar pa vag att komma!" Were the words I heard and later learned that it means twen god, uncle harder.

I woke up to a nice sensation becuase Sarah was 2 finger fingering me. The woman pulls off the cock she'd been sucking allowing it to shoot all over Anna's breasts and body before she starts licking and sucking it up.

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Duzshura 11 months ago
He didn't say this.....
Dutaxe 10 months ago
Ehh, artists and writers cant sign a digital comic ??
Dailkis 10 months ago
hee hee so cool! Always great to have a connection!!
Kajijin 10 months ago
I don't think that is a good definition for agnosticism. An agnostic does not think it's possible to know for a fact whether or not there is a god or gods, by the definition given of that god or those gods. He or she wouldn't give up reason for faith. I mean, if you have evidence why would you need faith? You're just accepting the evidence.
Kazrazragore 10 months ago
In the words of children at our church,
Fejind 10 months ago
Are you generalising because youve met others that claim to have Zoe cells and they have died before the average life expectancy? Or, are you just being ignorant.
Nijinn 10 months ago
And isn?t that the point of the OP. Religions are not all the same. So who is it that you need to be aware of?
Mojar 9 months ago
I am just playing devils advocate for the believers.
Manos 9 months ago
Not knowing how natural event X is caused , does not mean that "supernature" is at work, Is like trying to answer a natural unknown with a out of this universe unknown... No Way!
Araran 9 months ago
Compromise is definitely the language of the devil. Its...slowly chipping away piece by piece. Never sell...never ever sell. :)
Akinojar 9 months ago
Circumcision isn't mutilation.
Zugami 9 months ago
Glad someone got it.
Moshura 9 months ago
You ever hear of an Amercan made disaster called the Iraq war?
Voodoojar 8 months ago
Travel day and naps made me miss the good stuff...
Melkis 8 months ago
Nope. Just pointing out the lack of logic in the argumentum ad populum.
Malanos 8 months ago
that depends on the crime and the punishment. Your god tends to give out infinite punishment for finite crimes. That makes him a monster, a tyrant at the very least
Gardamuro 8 months ago
My wife is a very outgoing, helpful person.
Meztizshura 8 months ago
I have a large dog and I think that's a reasonable concern. Some people act offended, like you are personally insulting them when it is just about you protecting what you love.
Sagrel 7 months ago
The r-word is not allowed on this channel, J Galt. Deleted.

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