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570 00:479 months ago

"I don't think Christianity really played a huge role either way."

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My mom would usually wear shirts and long shorts because she is so conservative but the comfortable atmosphere gave her the reason to act normally with the professor. All I could think is that if I had to die at 30 I wanted to die while having Frwe with Greg .

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Of course a couple of people, my second and third wife of all things, who just happen to be daughter and picturs, are goading me on. "I thought you were sleeping". This is a true story, short, but honest. there was that time in the locker room" Chris was shocked; the guys had not talked about that since it happened.

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Your comments

Maurn 9 months ago
Maybe most of them don't know how delicious babies are.
Voodoosida 9 months ago
It is a courtesy to honor a person's SENSE of their own gender above the physiological characteristics that define gender. It's mighty ballsy (if I may use that word) to DEMAND others ignore their own convictions especially when having a penis isn't a matter of CONVICTION.
Mezijar 8 months ago
Thanks for your honesty.
Kazram 8 months ago
Obviously you didn't read the research...
Zukasa 8 months ago
Orwell is a kick but also frighteningly prophetic...
Malajin 8 months ago
Christians have led the charge for decades against gay rights.
Goltilabar 7 months ago
Then why do they put lipstick on pigs??
Mogal 7 months ago
What I mean is we don't consciously control our own thoughts. Scientists have used experiments and demonstrations to show that choices people make can be accurately predicted right before they consciously make them. It's a fairly new field of study. Daniel Dennett says free will exists, it's just not what you think it is. I'm not an expert so if you're really interested in the subject you know what to do.
Yolrajas 7 months ago
I never really left any room for debate. She tries sometimes now that she's older, but I think the point is to set the boundaries and respect at an early age. It's paid off in spades for me in that department as far as respect goes. She knows I have her back and that I respect her as a human being, and my child.
Yosho 7 months ago
Preachers seem obsessed with shoving their ignorance and pride into many holes. None of them "god" shaped.
Balkree 7 months ago
?Paul never says Christ will return? Have you ever read the Bible?
Tygonris 7 months ago
Christians claim they are not religious so they have no business complaining about religious freedom. They are in a "relationship" with someone they are not allowed to ever question or doubt seriously and who will punish them with a fate much worse than death if they ever try to leave. This is of course a very abusive relationship and Christians should really seek some counseling or maybe go to shelter or get in a support group with other abused individuals. But they should not be worrying about losing religious freedom since they aren't religious and they obviously have much bigger problems and relationship issues.
Mazur 7 months ago
Who said religion was or needed to be sanitary.
Fenrik 6 months ago
You still didn't answer the question. I doubt that you will ever be willing to...
Kajijind 6 months ago
the market doesnt stop racism, sadly. That's why we need laws in this country.
Akit 6 months ago
There was a good tradition among early Christians to talk these things out in meetings called synods.
Mesho 6 months ago
"Publicly funded cult schools..."
Mezigar 6 months ago
Than you. I think the idea of hyperdulia which that article mentions is exactly what I was unsure about. I still think that "worship" should be reserved strictly for God and don't see Mary as more than a good person, but the idea of "reverence not adoration" makes much more sense to me. Thanks for joining this discussion!
Malazragore 5 months ago
"Care to list these other kinds of valid evidence?"
Akiramar 5 months ago
I don?t know how you got that picture of me, but I can explain.
Gusho 5 months ago
Doug Jones has rebutted your argument.
Muramar 5 months ago
That's what God wanted. He's God. Go argue with Him.
Shaktikora 5 months ago
A wise man that knows when to shut up.
Vut 4 months ago
I don't see why non-profits could not continue their mission without government funding or tax breaks. I generally think people and groups of people should be free to do whatever they think best (within the law) on their own dime.
Mazuru 4 months ago
Yes, they overturned it.
Momuro 4 months ago
YES its completely crazy
Nejar 4 months ago
OK, that get's minimised.....
Kekus 4 months ago
Absolutely correct. Well within the accepted vagaries of such a complex and multifaceted set of theories.

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