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818 34:2011 months ago

"Good Christians don't discriminate against homosexuals. They remove themselves from the location of sin, and they do not condone sin. It is that simple."

Riley Reid

Aunt "Lisa" was 38 at the time. " They shook hands and Glenn spoke again, this time in a virtual whisper, "You do realize that neither of you can go anywhere near him.

Riley Reid

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Suddenly I heard somebody Twen me.

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Gardazil 11 months ago
She had me at bacon....
Mugami 11 months ago
I did, in the OP. My father, a Christian minister, did not view the Bible as all good.
Kashura 11 months ago
Ah yes. It will stand forever. That's why it has never been changed or edited.
Vuk 10 months ago
Actually I am not. You're making stuff up.
Gajas 10 months ago
"God took 6 days to make everything."
Mikazilkree 10 months ago
Incorrect. Try again?
Kagazragore 10 months ago
There isn't a law that does that. I challenge you to find me one.
Durg 10 months ago
I enjoy watching Trump fail. Now that the other countries are figuring out they cannot negotiate with that cockroach, they'll make him irrelevant until he is impeached.
Meztilabar 9 months ago
Embarrassing. One only needs to read the article to see his defence. ????
Gajin 9 months ago
Yes my friend...and God in His great mercy is showing that line clearer and clearer. Only those that truly despise God are left. All the confusion is gone you know?
Branris 9 months ago
The only thing to be added is your second apology.
Shale 9 months ago
And that last paragraph is exactly the learning I?m hoping for.
Mikarn 9 months ago
It manipulated the entire American electorate and political discourse.
Fautaur 9 months ago
The OP is there read it
Shaktitilar 8 months ago
Our national health care would cover your mental health issues.
Mezirn 8 months ago
It wouldn?t affect me since that is how I see things anyways. But I don?t need a god or creator to feel special. There are some amazing people in my life that are real and they make me feel that way every day and I try to return the favor.
Aragor 8 months ago
Besides, some people fine legalise sexy
Sarisar 8 months ago
Did you write that yourself?
Digar 8 months ago
The history of the CIA is well known.
Dougul 7 months ago
Not here. Not with me.
Nami 7 months ago
If you can wrap it in a box it's still not the entirety of possibilities.
Yokora 7 months ago
Said with much privilege.
Mezizilkree 7 months ago
This is what an unarmed populace can expect.
Zulkigul 6 months ago
Yeah...sure... You are aware that the Federal government can stop nuts from buying guns, it just does a shitty job of enforcing it's own laws, which is not surprising because it is a bureaucracy after all.
Meztiktilar 6 months ago
Hey dumb ass, I'm not going to simply take your word for it. Clearly you are biased in that you want all illegals out, no matter what.
Taugis 6 months ago
Coito ergo sum - I f*ck, therefore I am.
Fezuru 6 months ago
They're more likely to get that kind of treatment from their fellow soldiers.
Faurisar 5 months ago
Elaborate. WHAT "program," EXACTLY? Oh! They have one. YEAH....with capabilities from 1945. How are they going to launch the possibly ONE and have it hit a target without getting obliterated? They gonna fly it in and drop it with their air force? OH...hold on...they don't really have one. Next, you'll be telling me that China having ONE aircraft carrier is a big deal.
Kelabar 5 months ago
Therefore your original comment that it was "BULLSHAT" was not.
Aralabar 5 months ago
No one can help noticing, but we can then look away. Its called bouncing the eyes.
Sashakar 5 months ago
John 20:28: Thomas answered him, ?My Lord and my God!?
Vudoshicage 4 months ago
"Perhaps you can explain to me how I was supposed to know he was talking about a single specific creator when he used the word "creators". In your highly educated experience with regard to reading comprehension, do you often use plural words to talk about a single specific individual? Or do you use plural words to talk about a more general group of individuals?" - rasy you shoild have trad the OP. it clesrly states what type of creactors everybody is talking about. Again read the OP.

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