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"Got my respect beign a homemaker. Hard for me so good job!"

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Filipina Softcore

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Sarr 6 months ago
Nope. Wisdom is not into doing "foolish things". That is why it is Wisdom.
Bahn 6 months ago
Christians can't do that either, because their morality isn't objective. It is simply authoritarian.
Shazuru 5 months ago
We would have to know the exact conditions to know the probability exactly. But I don't think we have to be exact to say that something, based on our current knowledge, seems to have not happened by chance. I think a good argument can be made that life arising by chance seems remarkably unlikely.
Faull 5 months ago
Who's you people?
Mazuran 5 months ago
First, if I wanted to pass off my theology as being authentic, I too would claim it was written by an apostle. Most of the proponents of other gospels not included in the Bible, also claimed they were written by apostles. One person claiming something is really weak evidence.
Tashura 5 months ago
I don't need others to agree...I put more value on another's ability/willingness to listen & hear other POV. I also have more respect for those who at least flat out say to my face that they disagree than those who pretend otherwise or remain silent rather than take a stand one way or the other. JMO-
Meziktilar 5 months ago
I beg to differ. Work in a walmart parking lot in West Texas in July. Without those little motorized cart pusher things.
Dumuro 4 months ago
Spoken like a true stereotypical Automechanic! Problem is, your answer doesn?t account for the issues that have led to the wonders of modern University-based society and its perils in Unsustainable practices.
JoJoshicage 4 months ago
You are correct that the economy was crap when Obama took office (caused by Democrats controlling congress). However, the high stock markets were because the FED was pumping $1 Million a day into the market to prop it up. We did Not have "record straight months of job growth." You, and everyone else, were Lied to about that. The jobs that Did get added were almost all Part-time to replace all the Full-time dropped because of Obama-care. Sure, they were jobs, but with low pay and no benefits. As I said, the unemployment rate under Obama was NOT anywhere near what it is now and Obama's numbers were nothing but lies. We had over 100 million not working - how can you possibly believe we had 4.9% (his lowest number) when more than a Third of the nation was NOT WORKING?
Daicage 4 months ago
People of any sentiment or ideology that have to virtue signal always have something going on behind the scenes. It's either a deflection or their attempt to at least live falsely as the person they want to be. The biggest homophobes in DC turned out to be married men with rent boys on the side and the biggest "liberals" in Hollywood all ended up using their position to get creepy. Give me the person who says "No, I'm really an a-hole" and you usually find out they're not.
Disho 4 months ago
Sorry pal, you are using the same nonsense tactics as the Trumpets. I'm amazed you can't see it. It's truly incredibly how everyone seems to fall in to these traps. Am I the only person in the world capable of spotting fallacious reasoning from myself?
Gum 4 months ago
I hope you are human. Are you sure you understood the question?

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