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"The life options available to the typical high governmental fraction citizen of 2000 is orders of magnitude greater than those of the typical low govt fraction citizens of 1000."

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My mother glared at me hotly and I smirked and looked up when I saw a shadow, staring up at Vicky's nice tits. Sparks.

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Aram 7 months ago
NO, I did NOT misread. I deliberately said slow, because you obviously are slow to "get it."
Kehn 7 months ago
Since there is no method for verifying that claim, I neither concede nor presume to be right. I wagered 1billion USD
Kigakus 7 months ago
Which one multiverse, random vacuum, infinite past?
Shakagal 7 months ago
OMG! I was so concerned about the dog too. Like omg why does he have to be apart of your bullshit John! But I will see it anyway because I love Keanu. And now even more since Halle is in it and she very rarely gets a decent film these days to showcase her talent.
Shaktimuro 7 months ago
I agree... Feel free to shame me at will.
Dojas 7 months ago
I wouldn't care tbh. Good looking people will walk by from time to time and will naturally catch your eye. As long as they aren't staring for an extended period of time or trying to start a whole conversation with them I'm good. For the record I stare at people in general, ugly and good looking. They might have on a nice outfit or maybe they look dreadful or maybe they need to get their kids.
Kazrajas 6 months ago
Sheesh, the Globe used to be a sensible, respectable newspaper. Now they're about as left wing as the Star. Hard to tell the difference.
Nilar 6 months ago
Right? A dusting of snow and they cancel schools for a week.
Yozshushicage 6 months ago
Suggest you read Doris Kearns Goodwin's Team of Rivals.
Fenrikazahn 6 months ago
Excellent questions. Asking them is the first step toward becoming a scientist.
Akigul 6 months ago
You also said that despite the fact that he offers wedding cakes, he is free to turn down some wedding cakes depending on theme. So either he has to sell a wedding cake to anyone who wants one or he doesn't. Which is it?
Shaktinris 6 months ago
I think to myself sometimes, "if this were my last minute alive, what would I want to do?" If you wanna be petty and try to teach someone a lesson they don't know they're being taught, the only person you're hurting is yourself...I'm also typing that to myself, to remind myself not to be so petty sometimes.
Braran 6 months ago
Christ died as a scapegoat. Not a martyr. He was sent specifically to die. He didn't choose it. His destiny was to die because God sent him to die.
Nihn 6 months ago
LOL I swear I'm not even baiting anyone at this point. I read through that federalist article then read through the comments and am genuinely at the point where I NEED to understand. It's driving me crazy that I can't see their side and they can't see mine.
Kajira 5 months ago
Isolated figures deflect from the major theme here. The point is FGM prevails by a very high percentage in Muslim nations, communities, or whatever you wish to call them. Islam itself does nothing to discourage it. It simply shrugs it shoulders and goes on. Homosexuality is supposedly taboo, but it is practiced all over the place. In Afghanistan, parading young boys around as one's personal sex toy is a symbol of status and prestige. But, it isn't limited to only that country.
Zulkihn 5 months ago
Do you have a successful one?
Torg 5 months ago
Still, none of it attests to him actually having lived. Key word is fiction. Everyone acknowledges he?s Rowling?s creation.
Sham 5 months ago
That?s a bit wall of text. Not sure what the point is either.
Voodookora 5 months ago
Question: Do you think a truly committed Muslim baker would sell a cake to a gay 'couple'?
Samuzshura 5 months ago
I don't know what Providence is. Maybe it's the capital of that country you were talking of.
Kazrazahn 5 months ago
To chime in from a males perspective; in most cases o agree. No guy that has intentions of sleeping with s woman is going to put in 3 years of work without doing anything. I usually wouldn?t have a problem
Gar 5 months ago
How did he violate the 1st Amendment?
Kakus 5 months ago
Maybe you're looking at the whole subject the wrong way. If you take the bible out of the equation altogether and rely on your knowledge of science, history and some of the bible, perhaps your faith will be stronger.
Kigak 4 months ago
Awesome. It looks like We both win this round.
Tedal 4 months ago
No..i didn't. There is a book called Romans. You haven't ripped it out have you Ts?
Akinoran 4 months ago
What price did God pay for giving His son? Nothing!
Shaktirn 4 months ago
Feeling a little piqued because I mentioned your bogeyman?
Mar 3 months ago
Nahhh...I don't think so.
Makora 3 months ago
Assuming it's an open relationship, he's still trying to make a woman in a relationship cheat through obviously uncomfortable and secretive actions.
Zujinn 3 months ago
Mauzilkree 3 months ago
Its sautee time!
Nikoll 3 months ago
Because of the constitution. "Congress shall make no law..." Remember that one?
Tegrel 3 months ago
So you are going with someone elses joke again?
Malagul 3 months ago
In your opinion... maybe they are self conscience and don't want Jim from legal eyeballing them at every staff meeting :)

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