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Blair - Afternoon Party

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Dousar 2 months ago
With a BS lawsuit whose timing is just more than a little suspicious. Why not let that play out in court as you said above?
Kazilkree 1 month ago
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or
Kigalkree 1 month ago
"We do not answer to Europe"
Kazrazshura 1 month ago
Mine goes to the pub down the lane.
Moogurg 1 month ago
Not so. Native Americans did kill women and children. Read about what the Comanche did.
Groran 1 month ago
Word! Thanks G-Lo.
Mezil 1 month ago
I don't know how you put up with my hating judgemental ass! :oP
Kimuro 1 month ago
I don't think you understand what or how an explanation works. You explain the complicated by understanding and building on the uncomplicated. You explain the unknown with the known. God/creator is a bigger mystery than abiogenesis, so you do not get to explain a mystery by referring to a bigger mystery as the explanation.
Doule 1 month ago
"We know that Europe did not advance much at all for 1000 years of Christianity." You know nothing of the kind if by that you are implying lack of progress in the natural sciences was due to Christianity or that Christianity had nothing to do with the advancement of science. What you know is that at a certain point in history a sufficient amount of knowledge was built up that things began to snow ball just as today, because of our knowledge built on past information (including computing), we are progressing much faster then we were 40, 80, 100 or more years ago. There was actually quite a lot happening before the so called Enlightenment which in fact made that particular period of history possible.
Kekus 3 weeks ago
About that cyberbullying you are doing as an adult ... Melania has a moral reprimand for you:
Kezil 3 weeks ago
Thanks for posting. So, events then, have an important impact on the discernment of one's spirituality?
Zulutaur 3 weeks ago
I don't mind the taste of them so much, it's just that whenever I eat them I burp them for like 5 hours and it then grosses me out. LOL
Tugrel 2 weeks ago
I provided many cogent examples, the rest is up to you.
Dikora 1 week ago
Why don't you just pray that I be converted tomorrow? I'll get back to you then.
Brashakar 6 days ago
if you want paid time off you have to do more than just mod the channel :)

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