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986 06:239 months ago

"Its enough. Its practically empirical :)"

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My parents got along so well with my professor and its a good thing because me and my professor are buddies. She walked over to the door and said, "my daddy and his friends often have parties at our house on Saturday nights.

Fucking Blonde Tinder Sloot After Drinking

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Mazil 9 months ago
Is your point that we are getting inexorably better as the years go by? Why, how wonderful, James, that you can join me on the side of reason. Oh, wait, you're going to suggest that the way we've got better is with a supernatural kicker, I suppose... when, quite to the contrary, one of the things that has slowed us down the most is the idiotic notion that we should cling to the moral precepts invented in just those dark times that you mention.
Kajihn 8 months ago
not the job of science to prove things others can not....atheism isn't about science, others have used logic to negate religious assertions as well.
Kajikazahn 8 months ago
Having a phd would indicate you'd be smarter then you are acting. A smart person would see that.
Yorisar 8 months ago
Thank you for your thoughts, TS. How has your jouney gone so far?
Kagakinos 8 months ago
Believing is not a willful choice. You can't will yourself to believe in gods. Either you believe or you don't.
Malalrajas 8 months ago
He comes to work with me. He does the lessons on his computer and follows the schedule I created for him. So far he's loving it.
JoJogrel 8 months ago
You are chatting with me right so you exist. Even though science cannot prove you exist. In other words where in your brain does Pope Hilarius II reside?
Mijora 7 months ago
Because it was said long time ago by disbelievers like you but they couldn't bring something like it or to prove their point. Have you read about the Christian man who challenged Quran and ended to be Muslim?
Aragor 7 months ago
And bill Clinton is the rapist, so noted
Samuzuru 7 months ago
Certainly. But denying service to gay people simply because they are gay is something that is based on hatred and intolerance. The legal hoops that people are currently jumping through are simply last-ditch efforts to preserve that hatred.
Dairr 7 months ago
Hey Class, it looks like some lowlife's been downvoting your comments indiscriminately. I think he/she's left for now, as your newer comments haven't been downvoted as of now.
Kijas 7 months ago
We have the only true "hypothesis" already in the Bible. So true, it is FACT.
Nikomi 6 months ago
No. The court specified artistic expression...maybe 20 different times...
Zoloshakar 6 months ago
Hannity. Did he comment on the direct attack yet? Chuckle!
Tojasar 6 months ago
Let them. Maybe those countries can partner up with Somalia, or Bangladesh. If they can't handle it then fine, but just because somebody's our Ally doesn't mean we need to run around with our head up their ass. It ain't like we got to ask France or England to come bail us out of a World War again and again and again
Zolohn 6 months ago
the only science I adhere to is the science that has reached the highest awarded state, a theory.
Nigar 5 months ago
Humans and gnomes are two distinctly different species.
Zujin 5 months ago
You're going to be in for a shock lol
Nemi 5 months ago
Why is slavery wrong? The global economy still relies on cheap labour, or machines doing everything. How is that not slavery?
Grogar 5 months ago
Easily. Organized religion was conceived when the first con man met the first fool.
Shakara 5 months ago
There is no "both sided" there is the majorty side then the ones who want it to be a choice. We know for fact irs inborn, why is up for debate, but the fact its not a chorice is not
Dozuru 5 months ago
Curiously, as an Celtic [87.5%] Anglo-Saxon [6.25%], I've experienced racism from my fellow Celts.
Tauk 5 months ago
"No criminal charges have been filed against Corso?s, but the company is under investigation."
Fenriktilar 4 months ago
Yes but if you had faith the gun (or knife) was no danger, fear would be gone.
Mikaktilar 4 months ago
Maybe those folks have realized there is no salvation in enriching the talking head every Sunday. That speaking with your maker directly works so much better .
Mikazshura 4 months ago
Don't interfere with primitive cultures - I think we should stop talking to Ben. :-/
Zulabar 4 months ago
Gee whizz, does that mean we can't kill bugs? Or what about animals?? And what about when you're a soldier in battle? Gosh! I don't know what I'm SUPPOSED to do! Those darn Ten Commandments are messing with my head!
Kezil 3 months ago
You see nothing. You certainly are showing signs of delusion and indoctrination.
JoJokus 3 months ago
I really wish you cloud spend some time with the people who wrote he bible. Absolutely postive you?d hate them by then end of a week.
Tusar 3 months ago
I might string him along for 12 days to see if he really thinks it's worth $50 to keep coming back.
Dousho 3 months ago
a lot of fouls not called on love.
Fauzragore 3 months ago
It ain't hard to get beyond Satan. He doesn't do anything.
Tulmaran 3 months ago
We get it that you don't get it.
Maujora 2 months ago
I'll pass on gods son sacrifices, and an ideology that thinks that mankind is inherently sick. I don't need an iron age book to tell me to care for my fellow human being as myself, and for sure no magic, no supernature.

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