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199 12:222 months ago

"Not as far as I can tell. CNN exit polls reported 29% for Romney in 2012. The numbers for Obama, however, were much lower than in 2008."

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?inches long and. Dave. They were quiet of course and it was dark, but I could hear my grandpa whispering things to my foreign cousin.

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" "Do you understand your roll here tonight?" "Yes mam. Thanks for reading.

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Jumuro 2 months ago
You said people were delicious. That would come from personal experience
Kazitilar 2 months ago
I have to say, I do wonder (lean) in that direction myself. I(just)DK.
Akigami 2 months ago
Exactly. Not gonna deal with that shit today....or any other day.
Nikogore 2 months ago
My point is that religious rituals can be restricted (not going to say "proscribed" again) by the government.
Maular 2 months ago
Way too busy this morning. Needy a$$ customers always wanting something. If they weren't paying my bills I swear I'd ignore them to see if they go away.
Shale 1 month ago
What is not true? Are you not aware Muhammad is believed to be a perfect role model is Islam?
Kacage 1 month ago
i dont think anyone claimed to be scared.
Akijas 1 month ago
Can't date you because your vegan.
Talkis 1 month ago
That's good, He's gonna be YOUR President for 6 more years!
Mihn 1 month ago
I am guessing that the common thread in the Trump/Russia connection is dirty Russian money and that is what is driving Trump so called politics.
Vudora 3 weeks ago
Oh also..Smashing Pumpkins. I loved Smashing Pumpkins.
Kagakora 3 weeks ago
That bed can't be good for her lower lumbar.
Dashicage 2 weeks ago
That's fair. I was referencing things I've researched regarding major cities. Chicago being one of them. I would hope that small towns offer a better police department than larger ones, but you also do get small town biases as well. Anyway, thanks for your input! I appreciate your perspective.
Gubei 1 week ago
My wife made the mistake of answering the door to either jahovas witnesses or mormons, some religious outfit, anyway now they keep coming back wanting to read scripture with her....
Arashirisar 6 days ago
Yes, you are, missy.

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