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194 13:5210 months ago

"Would you believe I have actually never had a martini?"

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What have you been thinking of. I had only a brief glimpse of her open slit above my eyes before she was grinding her wet cunt against my Lesbiian and mouth.

?This kind of fucking I like most. "Open your mouth" she instructed. I was confused but also hard on that point, Ive never really thought lustful about my mom but when I saw them do that I find it sexy. She is moist there, she was the first time my tongue touched her.

You know, the ones that feel so real you begin to wonder if you are actually imagining them. "It's really not your fault, I should have worn something else, or at least panties, so if anyone did something wrong here it was me.

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"So you said Ted," Ernie agreed, "Eh up it's twenty to, time we buggered off," he said and he waved his flag and blew his whistle and the train gradually wheezed out of the station. Becky looked at it with a surprised smile on her face.

"And if we do it at super-speed there's no way anyone will see us doing it. Mom became a waiter and a stripper at Bill's stripclub.

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Arashit 10 months ago
I can see why you need to cling to fantasies.
Shakazahn 9 months ago
Were you there? If you cannot access the information, then how can you cry "fake news"?
Gak 9 months ago
My question was not ridiculous, although I can see why you'd want to weasel out of answering it: you cannot.
Duzshura 9 months ago
Did you read the article? Even bother glancing through it? Dimwit?
Shakakus 9 months ago
Murder is illegal too but that hasn't stopped the sexually repressed from committing it.
Tuktilar 8 months ago
Am I correct in interpreting that by "less than one page," you mean that the three fragments put together would come out to less than one page? That's still three different fragments from three different pages, excluding the fragments whose dates range somewhere between the 2nd century and the 3rd. And there are plenty from the 3rd century:
Shaktimi 8 months ago
" and in an intelligent conversation, "
Taumuro 8 months ago
Don't you have anything softer, just for that patient who's sensitive to metal pokey things that cure their illnesses like magic? What kind of medical sadists are you?
Samujas 8 months ago
You didn't answer the question.
Dojora 8 months ago
You're PARTLY right... you DON'T THINK...
Gardabar 7 months ago
You didn't. At all. Nowhere in any of the posts here have you done so. You failed to refute the website that shows contradictions in the Bible, you forgot that Jews are a thing, and your anti-vegetarian Bible quote actually doesn't call vegeterians sinners.
Nikolkis 7 months ago
You'd think Christians would be much less upset with gay marriage if that was what they believed.
Tuktilar 7 months ago
LOL yes I do. But for their own good. I don't badmouth friends but if I know someone has preexisting conditions then I may divert
Meztikinos 7 months ago
"What happened with this Wisdom? Did it totally disappear or is there something still to be seen?"
Voodoojinn 7 months ago
Yeah, people tend to be able to be convinced by things by governments. Nothing like some god or anything.
Nikotaur 6 months ago
No, it came about because of a rash of lawsuits in, I believe, the 1980s. Remember when a number of day care center people and others were being sued based on childhood memories of being molested? Come to find out, those things in most cases never happened.
Fenrikora 6 months ago
My youngest daughter used to go to a summer camp in Connecticut. Just recently she met up with some of those campers, women n their 40s, 50s.
Mukora 6 months ago
See I don't see it like that as much because when I was growing up you never heard it mentioned and now kids are bombarded with safe sex talks and what can happen if you choose wrong
Kajilrajas 6 months ago
Binders of women.
Yogor 6 months ago
hmm, it begs the question of whether there would be Islam without Christianity
Nelar 5 months ago
No they didn't.
Sat 5 months ago
A toltec is one who has overcome fear, the first enemy of a man of knowledge.
Vudomuro 5 months ago
Why would you do that? What was wrong with him?
Akikinos 5 months ago
1: They now have the same rights as you. I showed with your example that your religion carries the same hate crimes protections
Gardagis 5 months ago
Lol. No. I don't.
Yogis 5 months ago
All of that is irrelevant. Distraction, and diversion. I see you are back at your usual childish epithets.

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