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597 11:5710 months ago

"Build the prisons along the Southern Border...."

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Soon, the guys were all just about ready to explode as well. " She rode to the Ball at the Town Hall in a hired carriage and as was the custom was announced to the nobility as she stepped inside.

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Tale 10 months ago
You are desperately trying to equate the terms ?God? and ?Morality? here. You?re falling into a pit of false equivalence.
Meztikree 9 months ago
That is why I blocked this dufus long ago.
Yozilkree 9 months ago
So you are saying that Blacks hate Whites? Do they discriminate against Whites? Do they keep them from getting jobs or housing or service in restaurants? They may speak derisively about Whites but where is the overt discrimination?
Nikogami 9 months ago
That is very disturbing. I cannot fault you for holding to the views that you do; I would feel the same way if it had been me that experienced what you have. Take it for what it is worth, but I am really very sorry for what you have been through, nobody deserves that.
Kagarr 9 months ago
Well, if money permits and you have the time to tend to them, I definitely think there needs to be something along the walk.
Ner 9 months ago
There have been cases where a pregnant woman was assaulted and lost her unborn child as a result, and murder convictions were reached and upheld on appeal. That would be a legal bases that at some point of development the unborn child is legally valued as a human life.
Tam 9 months ago
Especially for me. We do 4 1/2 days during the summer. I get off at 11:30 today. WOOT!
JoJodal 8 months ago
THE original treatise on it...
Grogar 8 months ago
perfect! go ovie
Jugore 8 months ago
Relevant, maybe. I found this
Takora 8 months ago
Because humans are breaking new ground (at least we think we are), gives us no measure of superiority.
Shami 8 months ago
No, it isn't. A religion is a set of rituals, beliefs, sacraments, etc used by like minded people in worship, culture or community. A God is an actual supreme being that may or may not be worshipped by people of a religion. And if God exists, he existed far before the first religion. We are talking about the Big Bang (and before), so well over 13 billion years before the first religion.
Gardajind 8 months ago
I think maybe I should ban both of you for trolling.
JoJokinos 7 months ago
Clearly a narcissistic politician winning crowd moxie by appealing to their - not his - religious piety. Although AH had some respect for the RCC and fondly recalled being an altar boy, at the end of his reign he was as far as possible from being a Christian. His only deity was himself, propped up by a destiny which he called "Providence".
Mazuru 7 months ago
What efforts and money?
Kajigami 7 months ago
STC. By all means do not take me seriously, I could care less Belief is not usually a thought but generally and inculcation or indoctrination of childhood.
Dikinos 7 months ago
You mean Trump and Fox attempting to create "truth" about DoJ and FBI.
Shazragore 7 months ago
He is a man in the earth in the body of a man like you and me. If you want to know, search the name and read what or watch what he has to say and decide for yourself.
Akinogor 6 months ago
He is OMNI present in our lives NOBODY can live and try to destroy this world without his knowledge. I love God with all my heart and SOUL and he is MY SAVIOR.
Yozshurr 6 months ago
"But no claim to know exactly what this little Jesus of yours said."
Kigall 6 months ago
Was a disaster before ACA. Improved by some metrics afterward, at least more people covered. A lot of cost shifting.
Akizshura 6 months ago
Why do you say that? Is there something in that field that contradicts what I've just said?
Netaur 6 months ago
There is no test to be a Christian. And you?re missing the point. If they believe in god then they are not atheists.
Kigabei 6 months ago
Not too good if the Liberals and NDP decided to for a coalition.
Samukree 5 months ago
A lot of these turds are likable people. Some are even good looking people. Some are charming people. Some agree with us politically. BUT principles aren't principles if we only apply them to people who we don't like instead of ones we do. He created a zero tolerance policy that got other people fired for the very same thing he did in the White House. He was also an older, powerful man and she was a young girl with dreams of Jack Kennedy in her eyes. She wanted to be Marilyn Monroe. He was no Jack and she was no Marilyn and the DNC lost a little bit of its soul that year.
Zugami 5 months ago
If one applied for a US or another country's visa and received it, and flew there from Syria one is a legitimate war refugee. If one is in a safe country and crosses illegally its border to another safe country, he is not fleeing from danger, and thus can't apply for refugee status.
Goltimi 5 months ago
There?s nothing like staring at your socks and pondering the mysteries in the universe.
Malajas 5 months ago
If the choice falls to me; my decision will cause the deaths.
Kekora 5 months ago
Hmmm to me those are intertwined though. It really isn't what a man has got, but how he's using it lol.
Tosho 5 months ago
10 years jail time would be less harsh than that.
Moogulkree 5 months ago
If you could please simmer down and snap out of your gazing into space and stars for a moment and pay attention:
Yozshut 5 months ago
Preterism does not fit the scriptures. If the second coming in Zech 14 was in 70ad. When did the war of Zech 12 take place?

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