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"Anyone who gets to the second page of the ruling would reach the exact same conclusion."

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Vojar 1 year ago
"I always suspected my husband was a cheat but without any proof I couldn't confront him."
Akinojar 1 year ago
When you can show me that you go to god instead of a doctor for appendicitis, then you can tell me all about why religion has any business in healthcare decisions.
Mazull 1 year ago
?forbid their members to seek knowledge?.... lol ?? ?? ??. NEVER had a Catholic ever been ?forbidden? from seeking knowledge. Have you never read the works of Pope John Paul II, Fides et Ratio?
Dor 11 months ago
I didn't say they didn't exist. I'm saying they are exaggerated for dramatic effect by various media outlets and agencies as to their actual capabilities. OF COURSE THE GUY TRYING TO JUSTIFY HIS JOB IS GOING TO WANT TO "ALERT" PEOPLE. OR...make a "difference."
Dijinn 11 months ago
It's hard for a fish to tell its in an ocean, when the way this fish observes is already biased. Like flat landers.
Malagrel 11 months ago
I have defined a sober focus as "the intent to discover wtf is really happening here."
Morr 11 months ago
Do you believe in a literal Adam and Eve? And the whole Fall thing in the Garden of Eden?
Douzuru 11 months ago
LOLOLOLOLOL Oh please! Toughen up a little bit Mr. Portman! You HOT thang you!
Vobar 11 months ago
My main point is...In most cases, things and people only have the control that you give it over you. If anyone let's someone else's penis or vagina rule over them, that's their own stupidity.
Yozshuzilkree 10 months ago
Liberty is the right to choose to acknowledge or not to acknowledge anyone or anything. But the PC police will bust you if you're not careful...
Kagagrel 10 months ago
She wouldn't let Charles continue with Camilla at university, and he wanted to possibly marry her then.
Kilabar 10 months ago
Atheism is not a free for all. It is a non belief in God or gods. Period. You know this but continue to ignore it.
Zuluzshura 10 months ago
let me see if I understand. If we don't have the actual answer, the only one left is god?
Kigazragore 9 months ago
And you made a strawman in the process.
Gardajind 9 months ago
It is the same people that worked in foreign intelligence under every president so....
Akisho 9 months ago
Thank you for trying to correct me. I will take that as an attempted kindness.
Dijinn 9 months ago
I think it is rather obvious what sex is!
Gule 8 months ago
Care to describe how morality can be measured and predicted like gravity?
JoJoramar 8 months ago
Ok Just me, I think we both have exhausted our perspectives. You fall more on the line of rigidity, I fall more on the line of leniency and recognize people are human.
Tygozilkree 8 months ago
I am a little you recommend I visit Bellview next time in Jersey?
Mazushura 8 months ago
Ok well we clearly disagree.
Mat 8 months ago
Mormons emphasize subjective experience because Mormonism cannot withstand rational scrutiny of its historical claims.
Nem 8 months ago
Are you insane?
Vibei 8 months ago
I like your second paragraph thesis as a point for discussion. Will bring it up in a future "alternate history" post. (Gotta get past the Muslims first.)
Fecage 7 months ago
Not at all
Mozragore 7 months ago
So no actual counter-argument? Got it.
Meztir 7 months ago
He wasn't hired. He was appointed by an idiot who shouldn't have been hired.
Tezuru 7 months ago
"Limited speciation? Bible has it."
Kigagami 6 months ago
Note to self: Don't open anything from belittle when the grand kids are about.

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