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"I disagree. The universe began, most likely, in an extremely dense state where matter couldn't exist. A rock is matter, so it is unlikely that the "rock," as a rock, "self-created." However, the universe itself is less understood."


I giggled a bit, and he smiled back. A few more hard quick thrusts and it happened. Her face disappeared as the distance between my stomach and Marcela's oily ass narrowed.

She smiled and slapped my arm.


I then uncrossed my legs and placed both of my feet on the floor. He was an expert Choot lapper and knew how to do it. She may have tricked me, but because of her, I had enjoyed one of the most intense fantasies of my life.

So far it's you and me, Steve and Jean and probably Sharon. Officer Miah exploded Genttle a litter in Sarahs mouth and me and Kawashi were kissing and sticking wierd objects in are pussys. - Don't be. He ran his hands up her stomach, gripping her breasts, fondling them roughly.

"As though I needed to be convinced; you know I'd live in here if I could. We rocked in unison, my dick reaching far into her womb with each stroke. ?" Finally I got her bag and found her little vibrator.

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Gusar 9 months ago
If you have something to say, state it clearly.
Mamuro 9 months ago
Enoch, stop playing stupid, you know exactly what I mean. And if you don't, then you seriously shouldn't be spending time online because you lack the cognitive skills to have a conversation.
Fauzilkree 8 months ago
Your whataboutism is not noted.
Majin 8 months ago
Not remotely the same. Have a nice day.
Vogor 8 months ago
Not far fetched at all. About three weeks passed. After the devastation left behind in Egypt, I can see pharaoh being despondent. Not until he hears the people were wandering, lost, did he change his mind and set out after Israel.
Vim 8 months ago
Missy Elliot. Best female rapper ever in my book.
Saktilar 8 months ago
lol, you are now the 3rd person to ask the same question. Still no answer
Meziramar 8 months ago
Actual porn media varies over time with changes in available media (stone, paper, telephone, digital screens, etc.) due to changes in technology.
Vudoramar 7 months ago
It's pretty insulting to essentially say "You shouldn't feel that way" - invalidating another person's experience is often insulting at best.-Agreed
Muran 7 months ago
Here is the real facts. Mass shooters are from a wide variety of religious backgrounds, personal ideals age groups, and reasoning for their actions.
Tuzil 7 months ago
I can resist the urge.
Durr 7 months ago
How you gonna talk about loving the 90's, start off your post with "Summertime is here"... and not reference Fresh Prince at all in the rest of the topic?
Voodoomi 6 months ago
So there is evolution - you just said so whereas the OP states, 'Evolution says its cumulative change built upon for all life, all species. Nice myth, its tricked many.' Welcome to the Tricked!
Zulkree 6 months ago
It was not anecdotal. An anecdote is:
Voodoogis 6 months ago
Why doesn't the bible tell us about the 'Energy that is the foundation of all creation'?
Faelmaran 6 months ago
Moses is the author of Genesis but he is only recounting a story 1000s of years old already.

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