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"Shawsy shows up on the Peanut Butter channel wanting to talk about Jam all the time!"

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Cory knelt down and began eating out Kate and Chris went around and squatted over Kate's face, so that she was sucking his balls and licking his dick. Martin.

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Kajigore 8 months ago
I'm not a fan of loud noises
Kagashura 8 months ago
Good point. Mexico has been exporting their revolutionary class to the United States for nearly 40 years now. Why would they want them back?
Voshakar 8 months ago
if i have to spell it out, it aint funny!! lol
Samukus 7 months ago
How is it being abused? Be specific.
Sharg 7 months ago
Everybody has an opinion..... millions more voted Democrat for President.... lest we forget....
Kagat 7 months ago
Or in other words....You are the dumbest cunt I've ever spoken to.
Bakree 7 months ago
Wow, Iggy and LeBron need to get a room.
Kazilrajas 7 months ago
The verse you chose to argue against says exactly that God's invisible qualities had an effect on reality.
Kazrashicage 6 months ago
ok. but that didnt answer my question.
Goltilar 6 months ago
Yeah... but you didn't come out of your faith and suddenly have "wine or espresso?" on the menu of fun things you could do... did you?
Faugami 6 months ago
Which, sadly, makes you both a fool and a liar.
Yozshuzragore 6 months ago
Can't think of any of Acts that's not "looking back" where Jesus is concerned. The gospels are, in part, eye-witness accounts about Jesus, but Acts never is (as far as I remember).
Migrel 6 months ago
jst found out this morning that bob dourough, the muscian who among many wonderful peices of jazz music, also did the school house rock, that has given many kids a handle on math, english, and goverment, died this monday, at 94. farewell bob
Gulkis 6 months ago
Why is Andrew McCabe seeking immunity from prosecution when the IG report on the Hillary investigation is about to be released?
Voodoosar 5 months ago
It is clear that you have no understanding of what Nietzsche meant when he said "God is dead". It wasn't a celebration. The grievances of Europe is what he predicted a moral-less mass would devolve into without the guidance of ideology. However, his solution (not that I wholly agree) was that man must evolve beyond the need of ideologies to survive without them and if he cannot he is doomed.
Zulushura 5 months ago
It's a shame that my date fell out of the car on the highway. I hope she gets home OK. At least the cupholder saved the Diet Coke.
Disar 5 months ago
It's cool, I met her last weekend.
Faejind 5 months ago
Being gorgeous with amazing hair is a physical flaw?! ;)
Zololl 5 months ago
Not sure about Lee Strobel, the name is familiar, I will look him up.
Gugor 4 months ago
The conservative mind thinks tattoos are a sign of living on the wild side. Hence they make the correlation that if you are crazy enough to get a tattoo, you must be crazy in bed or easy to get into the sack. Typical stereotype of this day and age.
Gajar 4 months ago
So... I thought about it, and largely I agree with you.
Nam 4 months ago
So, you agree that a tributary system is an alternative to slavery and mass-murder. Thanks!
Mauramar 4 months ago
Relaying requires accurate transfer of information. You have proven time and time again that you are not a reliable agent to transfer any information on the subject.
Jugor 4 months ago
The Romans did not always interfere in every area of government unless it was necessary. Sometimes, as long as things were peaceful, they let sleeping dogs lie. They allowed the Jews to keep their religion and their temple, and to even have their own temple guards. The Office of High Priest often was filled by pro-Roman sympathizers or appeasers. Sometimes there were two High Priests, one being political, and the other religious. Two factions, Pharisees and Sadducees, fought like Democrats and Republicans to gain the office of High Priest.
Shaktigor 4 months ago
LMAO! Someone's watched Silence of the Lambs too many times.
Brakasa 4 months ago
Because I am not competent to do so. What makes you think you are?
Sar 3 months ago
?????? I miss you already..... ?? okay! back to Jesus! Lol

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