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"You have to ask the question why did St Paul not meet with Jesus in the flesh, if Jesus existed?"

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?This isn't a big thing. So of course I told her I would do whatever I could and asked her what she needed. I was walking to get my bag an Sarah came into my room with her school uniform on and said "we look like twins now!!" she went off to school right after she said that.

None of this really happened. I kissed her occasionally and had to back the move up several times as my mind drifted to her and her pussy. She scanned the other pornographic videos on the shelves and picked up one after the other virvinity examined the pictures on the covers. Mom was Bill's favorite girl, he spent more money and time with her, statistisc fucked her everyday.

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Meztizil 1 year ago
Excellent question, I believe that Jesus spoke in parables. At its heart a figurative way of speaking. On the flip side the life and reign of David is a real description of history. So I would say that it depends on the context of the story being told.
Zulkijar 1 year ago
Mine started out green, turned brown after a few months, then all the needles fell off after a year or so. The only decoration on it now is a single bullet hanging from a string.
Kegore 1 year ago
I'm thinking he loves the spotlight and will say anything to keep that spotlight on him even if he makes it up. He's doing a lot of damage every time he blathers on.
Yomi 1 year ago
This is a religious topic?
Dir 11 months ago
Not talking number of incidents, we're talking total number dead.
Gardataur 11 months ago
Is your breath different from your words? If so, how are they different?
Dukree 11 months ago
So sorry to hear of this tragic situation. Thinking of you and your partner with best wishes.
Arashicage 10 months ago
Lately every time a colleague calls me, before they say a word I say "NO!"
Jugor 10 months ago
I think being able to play the role of someone who they may personally find deplorable can be an indication of how good they are as an actor.
Faerr 10 months ago
Karl Popper recanted this. See my post below.
Mezim 10 months ago
Feelings know no such a differentiation whether western or eastern. It goes all the same I believe. Thank you anyways
Voodooll 10 months ago
I don't watch TV news, but since you said that it's obvious you do.
Malazragore 9 months ago
Thanks for the advice! I need to find some friendly big dogs around me.
Votilar 9 months ago
The devil attacks his greatest enemy first to attempt to destroy it. The only real enemy of the devil is the Catholic Church. Trying to destroy the human element of the Church from within by infiltrating it with perverts and other liars and enemies. All the guilty ones should be thrown in prison and never let out.
Nikozuru 9 months ago
That's no answer. That's complaining.
Goltirg 9 months ago
Telling children they don't have to be ashamed if their parents are divorced, or if they are same sex parents is hardly 'forcing' a lifestyle. My granddaughter will probably give me my first great-grandchild. That generation will not have our hang-ups, at all. . .no doubt, they'll invent more of their own.
Mugis 9 months ago
Jokes on them hahah..wait what does that mean?
Arale 9 months ago
YES.. Always! Well.. I am accident prone so I kill with air freshener lmao.
Zololar 8 months ago
I've seen theists given warnings for far less sexually explicit and insensitive comments than your and Victors. Yet both went through moderation with flying colors! Congratulations! Atheists reign supreme on the Religion Channel!
Meztizil 8 months ago
But they exist. Is this a numbers game? Do they get a free pass to choose which gender they are going to be? Are they allowed to be Christian, no matter which way they choose?
Gabei 8 months ago
OoooOOOOooo!! Good idea! I'm going to do that, because I can't continue to live this way.

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