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Fenritaxe 10 months ago
And since believe in this god-man is not objectively verifiable, your "objective source" is ultimately someone's subjective opinion of what this god-man wants.
Kajisida 10 months ago
No... it's not. Largest Province in Canada funds religious schools. Three main churches exist with parliamentary foundations (Anglican, United, Catholic). Second largest province has a large Christian symbol over its legislature. The Queen is DG Regina, defender of the faith.
Tugore 10 months ago
Because he's still the best player in the world.
Male 9 months ago
So there is no evidence for Plato, Aristotle, Euripides, Homer and Alexander the great. There is more evidence of Jesus than there is for any of these other men.
Gusar 9 months ago
Therory is therory until it is proven to be fact. Therory is suppose to change as more evidence is found. Therory is not suppose to remain stationary.
Vicage 9 months ago
You can search for a needle with magnets or just super carefully.
Zulkibar 9 months ago
Done correctly it is about community and service, not power. But sure, people are corruptable and imperfect, kind of the point of having a moral philsophy or religion in the first place.
Faegrel 9 months ago
Still waiting to hear back from someone in his family.
Togal 9 months ago
You haven't seen a few of the rabid anti-abortionists that I've seen then...
Kazralar 9 months ago
Will do. Appreciate the assistance.
Mezikus 9 months ago
OR one's perceptions and judgment interpreting evidence is true and correct and so on.
Aralkree 8 months ago
"She depicts Muhammad as a revolutionary who struggled for a more just social order."
Bakree 8 months ago
First off, hiring someone because "Joe's wife does xyz" etc, is just plain stupid.
Zolobar 8 months ago
Blacks hate Trump partly because their White Liberal masters in the mainstream media and Hollyweird tell them too.
Tojami 8 months ago
That very same God which you reject loves you,so far!! :) LOL!!
Tojin 8 months ago
I like deprivation, it's good for you.
Megul 7 months ago
You're mistaken. Jesus fulfilled no Old Testament prophecies which is why the Jews don't worship him as the Messiah.
Faecage 7 months ago
Rudy, nobody gives a sh!t what you have to say..... you ol' crack pot.
Feshicage 7 months ago
You don't seem to like women very much.
Keshakar 7 months ago
Belief is not a choice.
Mijas 7 months ago
"Once you talk about nothing it becomes something" Lawrence Krause - 2016 Asimov memorial debates.
Gall 7 months ago
...which one are you counting as the fifth?
Vur 6 months ago
My pyschic surgery skills are a bit out of practice. How about a heating pad, big mug of chamomile tea, some muscle relaxers and an order of crack fries with extra cheese sauce?
Gokazahn 6 months ago
I agree the early years of a child?s life are so important. This why we need basic rules for

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