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"I'm not in one of those. Not with your god. Why should I care about him?"

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" "Ralph. She had paid and I offered her her shirt then.

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Then Teej opened her mouth and went down as far as she could go, almost gagging herself before she aal back up. His cock sprang up to me as if begging me to open up and let it in my waiting pussy.

At the same time, Cory lay down next to Chris and spread his legs. Just the feeling of him deep inside me was the ahal perfect feeling in the world. If Ten Sommers' deion was accurate I doubt he'll ever be able to try anything like that again. You have an open invitation to sex.

He knew she was begging for it and he was going to give it to her. It was all new to me because my mom usually dont wear those with other people around but for only for months they got along like family.

She removed her clothes, all except for her panties, and was looking for something comfortable to wear, something loose and non offensive to her burn. I went out side (i put on only my skirt and tee shirt) to have Ana drink and smoke. If I didn't know him better I would have thought that he was waiting for me to do something.

You are a natural oh god do you think we should stop, you only have to say, oh god this is heavenly" I couldn't say anything my mouth was stuffed round his dick, and it seemed too fat to get out.

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Mezim 11 months ago
I understand your point, but it still isn't proof against God. It's the same reason why this is an infinite Universe with infinite planets and stars that we will never see or know about. Maybe that's just how God wants it. It's not just the heavens that declare His glory, but Earth as well.
Faejinn 11 months ago
I doubt you have been close to many cunts . the van life dont scream I am drowning in puss.
Tegal 11 months ago
Dang maple loving Canucks. No dis intended. May need to move there someday.
Sajin 10 months ago
special treatment? HUH???
Matilar 10 months ago
You?re going the long way around to explain it and using the subsequent success of Christianity?s message as a reason why they would have concocted it that way prospectively. Fact is, the Son of Man or the Messiah was not supposed to be killed, let alone humiliated. The Kingdom of God was supposed to occur on earth, imminently. I do not lack imagination, I can imagine all kinds of stories. The question here is what?s most likely.
Daimuro 10 months ago
I am self sufficient and don't rely on government. I don't give a flying funk what the government does with my tax dollars as long as a service I pay for with my taxes is available when I need it. So far I have not been disappointed. I have no horse in this game and need no luck.
Vudokinos 10 months ago
The problem with you trying to project your own perception of Fundamentalist bigotry as Historical Sociology is the fact that you think people can live taking kindness and responsibility for granted, while promoting rank denialism.
Zugis 10 months ago
Take your time...
Tojabei 10 months ago
Thank God he appears to be as stupid as Hitler too.
Vudorisar 9 months ago
Can?t prove it so I won?t post it as fact.
Brarn 9 months ago
That claims sounds like an opinion. I don't know how making a god unnecessary would be supportable by any objective data. You can either agree of disagree with his opinion.
Mezshura 9 months ago
Oh, and Sir Tainley, if you are still gathering responses to this thread, here's the other rage-inducing thing about online religious conversations: believers can literally advocate laws handing you the death penalty, then come online and go "Whut I do?" like Kevin55, a.k.a pastor Kevin Swanson, who added his voice to the chorus of right-wing voices approving Uganda's kill-the-gays bill. Here's him proclaiming that the only reason we don't have a similar law in the US is lack of political opportunity:
JoJorr 9 months ago
You're not good at being a disciple are you?
Braktilar 9 months ago
I get your point, but it was extreme (beer talking?). I do think people should be held responsible for their actions, including if they carelessly store their firearms. But charging them with murder because they were the victim of a crime is 1000 bridges too far.

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