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725 01:0511 months ago

"Could be because he attacks stupidity. Whatever side of the aisle that means."

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I excused myself and headed for the house. So as I walked up to the house and into the kitchendining room, I realized I was just in my pajama pants and probably had morning wood.

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"Take a couple of pictures," she said, smiling broadly, "they can be a souvenir of our fun together today. Her hands reached out into the sultry Russian's red hair and pulled on it like she knew she loved. "Ninety-seven women. Opening her eyes Anna sees the woman rubbing hard at her own pussy as she watches Anna fucked hard, reaching out Anna pulls the woman towards her, as she stands close to the desk Anna moves her head so it slips off the desk, pulling the bapttist in front of her she starts to lick the woman's cum filled pussy, eliciting a gasp from frer and the woman starts to push her pussy on to Anna's face, Anna hungrily licks and sucks the mixed juices out as she teases the woman's hard clit.

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JoJojind 11 months ago
You seem to forget this is an attempted murder case. When you try to commit cold blooded murder that you had all planned out, you stop being a poor innocent little child.
Gugal 11 months ago
Good and indifferent. My wife and I have good heart, blood pressure and lungs. Fortunately we have still got most of our marbles. Some relatives have had dementia and it is not pretty. We both have some mobility problems and have recently moved into an apartment which is a new adventure. Grandchildren and great grandchildren are our pleasures. All in all itm is better than the alternative!
Mejora 11 months ago
Your retort does not refute the fact that democrats hate lowering taxes.
Mir 11 months ago
Do you always use others comments to go off on your own false soap box tirades?
Arashinris 10 months ago
Total fake headline. As it relates to any recent supreme court decision, nothing about the headline is true.
Mejas 10 months ago
Yes, he did: "how can be believers moral at all if they follow their holy books".
Meztishura 10 months ago
I know. It makes zero sense.
Maubei 10 months ago
Sousaphone. In all honesty I just spent two days petting the cats between work shifts and going 'I just wanna SLEEP!"
Gardarg 9 months ago
The Supreme Court ruling was merely a ?slap on the wrist? of the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, without deciding the central issue of these cases, which is whether a business open to the general public can refuse service to certain members of the general public, and for what reasons. That issue would be the same whether a Christian-owned business refused to serve gays, a Jewish-owned business refused to serve gentiles, an atheist-owned business refused to serve Christians, etc.
Akinris 9 months ago
In a civilized society like we live in, the threat to us is financial, we don't have to worry about tyrannical governments.
Grogrel 9 months ago
Obama deserves no credit
Shalabar 9 months ago
All of that isn't evidence of a god, let alone your god. You can claim it is all you like, but the people who study that stuff professionally haven't actually suggested that god is proven through this stuff.
Kibei 9 months ago
Macron was seen kissing Trump. France are a key allies. How does losing their support equate with MAGA?
Fauzshura 9 months ago
"A kidnapped girl/woman could be hidden by a kidnapper in plain sight"
Faugal 9 months ago
It is never too early to do it. But cognitive retardation is beyond the scope of the psychotherapy. Sorry if this upsets you.
Moogulabar 9 months ago
All the court caes.
Marg 8 months ago
Dude thinks he's God.
Groshicage 8 months ago
You claim to know. :)
Molkree 8 months ago
Enjoy some smilies brought to you by teh kittehs
Zulkilkree 8 months ago
OK. Let's discuss the problem seriously. In detail. Without BS.
Vocage 8 months ago
Then please, by all means, point out a flaw in my understanding of the theory of evolution. Since you so clearly understand it.
Dogor 8 months ago
Hmm, the more I think about this the more I'm unsure. Plan B wouldn't be effective 6 weeks in, I think. I'll have to read up on this!
Doulrajas 8 months ago
Yes, DNA in fact does offer proof of evolution. I understand creationist need to lie about this, but you can not change it. You are just lying as only people like you do not accept fact. Come back when you have debunked DNA son.
Bakazahn 7 months ago
I do not about you, but me and my family believe The Scriptures rather - when they stated, long before this De Grasse Professor - the "God seats above the circle of the Earth, and its habitants are like grasshoppers".
Kajilmaran 7 months ago
Yes. And so much more...

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