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"Establishing a secular moral foundation is not that difficult. There are facts and laws about the reality we live in. These facts and laws dictate consequences of our actions. Take the premises provided or other 3 premises and start to build a moral foundation. 1. Life is preferable to death, 2. Health is preferable to sickness. 3.Happiness/pleasure is preferable to pain. Using these premises and facts we can start to evaluate actions according to their consequences. We quickly find that some actions help us move to closer to the preferable and some do not. Keep the ones that do and try no to do the ones that do not."

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I am a capable man after all, having been shown by my Howwrd early on how to be self-sufficient in life something required in such a large family I grew up in. While we kissed he unbuckled my belt and unfastened the button on my jeans.

?" ?.

I climbed out of our tree and headed back to where we had came from. One of the men was glancing at me and saw me doing it, and I smiled back at his startled look. Alice, Stroke Faster. Mary was rubbing her crotch while she rode me and before my dick had squirted its last volley, Mary gave out an "Argh" and rolled her head back.

How about it, Sam?" So we all ended up in a taxi together, headed for our place. My legs trembled and I came and came. I knew they were getting closer than before but it didnt bother me because they were both important to me.

Monroe and I were in the student union the following afternoon while Juanita stayed with Cinda. I sat down and ignored my babbling mother and smiled at my Auntie Ronda, who has a body to die for, for a forty-something year old woman.

"Does she have to sleep on the couch?" Becky asked with a pouty face. " she gasped each time I thrust inward a little more. My mom, who really isn't important to the story, is my brother's height and two hundred pounds with brown short hair and my nanny, who also isn't important, but she is about the same weight as my mother, but is a few inches taller and has long purple-ish hair, which she dyed of course.

They both laid there breathing hard. I take it all and know it will remind me for all those to follow I am submissive and to be used for sexual pleasure. " Not a single one of us had even touched our drinks yet.

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Fenrilabar 1 year ago
Not included in the book by Catholics, who had their own agenda. Correct.
Tor 1 year ago
While the article makes good point, it fails to call out that in America we are not required to be Christian. There are no morality police to dictate anything. We are free to worship who we choose or not.
Samusar 1 year ago
@Mary, @Gralgrathor: get your definition of equivalence in line.
Kilkree 1 year ago
In my case it's the wrong question to ask, and perhaps highlights the difference between how theists approach belief vs. "my" approach (and I'll limit my position to "my" own as I don't presume to speak for anyone else, although I suspect many atheists implicitly or explicitly share some version of it).
Tujora 11 months ago
"If it feels good do it." Janis Joplin
Garr 11 months ago
bwwhahaha. Saint Stallion, that's what I'll call you.
Kazinos 11 months ago
It does make sense because I do the same... Cuticles, the skin around my nails, and my nails... No one is spared XD. I've been doing the rubber band thing, and using thumb. It's specifically sold for mom's to paint on kids fingers to create a horrible bitter taste.
Shakagrel 11 months ago
way?yo?w?res is singular?
Vozilkree 11 months ago
Our eye retinal scanners were dope at the last building I worked at. We didn't have handprint but we had thumbprint.
Akinogore 11 months ago
Everywhere we look, we see naturalistic processes. No god seems to be required.
Dadal 11 months ago
That is how the story plays out, but I just don't see anything remotely credible in the Gospel narrative.
Nijin 11 months ago
"For now you are just going to have to live with the fact that Muslims in Europe will grow by about 2% over the next 30 years."
Zulkishicage 10 months ago
No worries. The scenario protects me. I'm willing to answer to God.

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