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"Hells no threat for the saved. Get saved. To doubt evil and good exist is crazy. To doubt they have a source is even more so. Holy God exists..we're not. We must somehow be this God."

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Zootopia Porn: Judy Hopps Fucked and Creampie by Bad Dragon Foxcock

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Mazugul 10 months ago
Do why does your god make gay people?
Golrajas 10 months ago
And that is the whole story of the Holy hole , or the holey story of the of the Holy Whole, could even be the whole emptiness of the deep. However my understanding is now wholly complete. I should have left the whole subject of whole alone.
Mekora 9 months ago
The only argument FOR a Creator Entity is that any Critter that has the means to construct a universe, has the means to make it look like an explicable phenomenon. Until said Critter decides to explain It's Divine Self to us in an unambiguous way. So it seems we're stuck with the obvious fact that It is so good at what It does, we are too puny in our intellect to detect It's Holy Presence.
Shaktilrajas 9 months ago
Agreed. People on that site that even suggest forms of introspection or self improvement are flamed as being "bluepill". Rather than a support group (which might honestly help some of them) it's a place that prevents them from getting the help they desperately need.
Mell 9 months ago
I met a mushroom who spoke like was in an interesting argument with a rock at the time.
Voodoora 9 months ago
Good stuff, thank you for this.
Faemuro 9 months ago
It has to do with whether or not the Holy Spirit comes from the Father and the Son, or just the Father, in the Nicene Creed.
Vurg 9 months ago
They are majorities in several localities in my area, no such issues have even come close to the surface. You are, wrongly, accusing the entire community based on the behavior of a loud minority.
Vojinn 9 months ago
My point was not to answer the question for anyone, but show how the answer could be obtained. That was my point, and Kenny did just that and got his answer base on his interpretation. :) my input was done. Thanks TS
Tagore 8 months ago
None do. What you are doing is called diversion, because you have no factual ground to stand on.
Tat 8 months ago
When you say the sciences you mean the collection of facts that we know about the world. That is half of science and many facts do not contradict religion. The other half of science is the method that allows us to derive those facts. The scientific method is in every way incompatible with religion and in order to take either one seriously you must completely dismiss the other.
Zolorg 8 months ago
Your looking for objectivity, like in mathematics. But like the concept of "beauty", morality is subjective and in the eye of the beyolder, guided by evolutionary predisposition, culture, and personal preference.
Tekazahn 8 months ago
Creationists believe species evoke of course, just not like evolution says. We take science as it is, with observed evidence.
Mezill 7 months ago
Well sure. But to say that because scientists MIGHT be wrong, that we shouldn't listen to them, is just palpable stupidity.
Kazizragore 7 months ago
Has he? Then if the world now is saved, that begs the question of what it was saved from, when, and how?
Zologul 7 months ago
I'm not shocked at all, honestly.
Shalkis 7 months ago
Coincidence. Bill Clinton came to power in the U.S. and presided over the single largest economic expansion in U.S. history. And you are giving his credit to Harris. Disgraceful.
Tuzuru 6 months ago
As I've said, I'm not trying to prove it. It can't be proven with the existing evidence. What I'm trying to prove is the same thing OP is trying to prove, namely that when some skeptics say, "There's no proof, so I'm going to believe whatever I want," they're reasoning like creationists and doing themselves and their fellow skeptics a big disservice.
Fenrim 6 months ago
^^ this is what stupid looks like
Sanris 6 months ago
Well, I congratulate you (and thank you) for doing what sounds like a fine job with your son, including recognizing, finding, and accepting the help you needed.
Juran 6 months ago
["Yes, there was a new way of figuring unemployment with Obama"]
Melmaran 6 months ago
Have you got a convenient list I can refer to? I always have trouble remembering, and thought Revelations was later than everything else.
Mautilar 5 months ago
Other moral systems do not accept that human beings may be used as a means to an end.
Gardashakar 5 months ago
It's pretty insulting to essentially say "You shouldn't feel that way" - invalidating another person's experience is often insulting at best.

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