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938 10:2410 months ago

"If you were going to create a false story, fake God and false religion, you'd cut out the unpleasant bits. But the authors did not cut this out, because it's part of their history. It leads to its authenticity."

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Your comments

Gomuro 9 months ago
No, it's not obvious at all. You're just happy with your biased result. I challenged on here for someone to find a similar case that's not against the mafia or cartel.
Brajin 9 months ago
Thanks for participating!
Malashakar 9 months ago
Class warfare died out with Marxism. No wait, liberals have have kept it alive, you must be proud.
Akinobei 9 months ago
Sock puppet theater show is over?
Gardaramar 9 months ago
Also,oil prices are rising because of Trump's descisions with Iran.
JoJosho 8 months ago
Doug was gifted with success when the school marm said she could do better. Wynne presented herself in classic teacher mode marking a report card with 'needs improvement, can do better'.
Tuzil 8 months ago
The sword of the Spirit, as in word of God wielded. It splits truth from everything else
Doull 8 months ago
"I think it's funny that you're unable to see beyond the box you've placed yourself in...."
Fenriktilar 8 months ago
I wonder how many times he's heard God say, "SELL THE DAMN PLANE and FEED THE POOR"...
Shakora 8 months ago
Pretty fucking stupid isn't it?
Yocage 8 months ago
That's because of their pattern of having many children, not because of conversions. God enriches our lives and gives us that inner peace. I too have a good family etc. but this life is so short and He gives us that stability and inner peace and assurance for the future. Its like He is the foundation, the rock that we rest on, especially when hard times come. .
Tygokora 7 months ago
If my original opinion doesn't do it for you then maybe you an research it yourself
Dakasa 7 months ago
Why though? The whole point of Paul's quote is "it doesn't matter whether or not you are descended from him."
Kat 7 months ago
Surely you're not engaging in pornographic relativism...
JoJojinn 7 months ago
Was that the problem?
Mujind 7 months ago
Yep. While anger has it's positive sides, I see no use in going into a discussion to get angry. Maybe going into a discussion to vent one's anger helps the angry person? If done right it can also have entertainment value. Many comedy routines are angry rants.
Arashilabar 6 months ago
Well, that's for SCOTUS to decide, which they didn't this time.
Kagalar 6 months ago
What I love the most is when people who brag about shagging every prostitute in a whorehouse say they don't ever like to wear condoms <3
Vorr 6 months ago
He's exposing some serious pay-for-play. The thing Trump said he was against. And would drain the swamp to prevent. We'll see how much of that $4.5 million actually bought access to POTUS.
Zule 6 months ago
I think you missed what I said. We are on the same page champ.
Vudal 6 months ago
Do you do it standing up?
Taukree 5 months ago
I would never ban someone just bc I was sick of seeing their stupid comments. How even dare you!
Sajora 5 months ago
Then explain what you meant so I can understand . ?? ??
Akinolkree 5 months ago
Of course it is his opinion. He doesn't say it is worth more than anyone else's. I bet you are more certain there is a god than he is there isn't - which is not quite 100%.
Zulkishakar 5 months ago
Was the driver the same driver when they came back?
Dougore 5 months ago
That is correct. God is immutable; however, He does allow us the free will to choose the course of our own lives. When we choose our course in accordance with His will, the efforts of our hands is blessed. When we do not - pain, sorrow, chaos, disease, loss without consolation is our future.
Kazijar 4 months ago
Sure, after you first answer mine...
Vudohn 4 months ago
I think Mohammed had more impact, Christians were pretty (very) loosey-goosey about what they believed, after those first five centuries. "We want to run your government and make you pay a tax to keep your beliefs--which are all fraudulent anyway!" was the approach the Muslims brought to Christians, and there was a sudden flurry of theological rigour supporting the faith.
Kigagar 4 months ago
What if they're marrying someone's ex wife?!?!?! You can't be supporting that either!
Tygozilkree 4 months ago
Au revoir Kate.
Faera 4 months ago
Most states already have such laws on the book, ie that if your gun is stolen you need to report it, that if you're a serial offender of "losing" guns you can't buy new ones without jumping through all sorts of hoops, etc...
Kisar 4 months ago
Because Trudeau had the audacity to genuinely like and admire Obama.
Kagakazahn 3 months ago
I always knew you were a reasonable person. The couple were legitimately looking for a cake to celebrate their wedding which took place elsewhere. It was just a party by that point. But the baker refused to make a wedding cake for their party.
Votaxe 3 months ago
You're right, though I think the idea that natural selection happens gradually through small incremental changes (Darwin's original idea) was largely abandoned by mainstream evolutionary theory many many years ago. The fossil evidence, genetic research and evidence, and theoretical research all seem to point toward sudden changes... punctuated equilibrium, as it's called..
Nashicage 3 months ago
The Roman Catholics *broke away* from the Original Church, the Orthodox Church back in 1024 during the Great Schism! Prior to that, Rome was merely *one* of many bishops. You broke away after adding the Filioque Clause -- Rome is actually the first "Protestant" church!

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