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140 01:07:007 months ago

"If your beliefs are based upon verifiable evidence, then no faith is ever required. Only when a belief requires you to suspend logic and reason and accept it without verifiable evidence is faith ever necessary."

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I am happy to serve and live for this opportunity. The only other thing that I could see turned out to be some of the sail from the boat.

I husbsnd her have the first hit and we started poking around netflix to find something to watch. But as passionate as the interspecies make out session was, I quickly began craving more. "No it wasn't our Gertie," Anna said, "It bloody snowed!" "Roads was dry though," Gertie announced.

"It could be Bradley. "I want to make sure you're all clean. Rubbed that too on my body. I kept stealing glances at Belinda's body as I wondered how long the silence would last.

- Whatever you are watching sir.

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Faemi 7 months ago
I have never heard of allowing the blind to own guns, excuse me - GUNS, but I have heard of regulations on those with mental issues and criminal records. Still doesn't sound like "anyone."
Nazuru 7 months ago
How precisely has it gone down?
Kajijind 7 months ago
What about it? I've specified that I'm talking about universal common descent. None of the above have anything to do with that.
Kik 6 months ago
A cancerous tumor has a full compliment of human DNA, and is living human tissue, just like a fetus. A discrete mass of human living tissue is indeed, human life. It is NOT a human being, but it is definitely human life. A functioning human hand can be considered human life, as well.
Arajas 6 months ago
It has been demonstrated in this forums that you are here to sell your religion, add to that that you do not understand evolution...I'm not interested in such a useless effort, move on.
Faezahn 6 months ago
This is just snipped from google street view. It's a little more overgrown now. Those are very large junipers in front with really cool trunk lines. Like over sized Bonsai trees.
Duzil 6 months ago
Again, explain to us what Public Accommodation laws are and why they were enacted.
Voodoonris 6 months ago
I was right then, a logical fallacy.
Dugul 5 months ago
The Trump haters are Mr. Smith - Example Mr. West being attacked for saying he likes Trump - The Mr. Smith Effect
Tukinos 5 months ago
You?re basing your entire argument on what amounts to stereotypes and generalizations though. You seemed to think people on welfare just sat around at the beginning of this discussion when that wasn?t true. What evidence is there that your psychoanalysis of the nations poor is more than just a disparaging comment made by privileged, comfortable people?
Mudal 5 months ago
People have heard about God and Christ. If you do not believe in God or Christ is because that is the decision you have made. Many people before you were atheists and somewhere they realized being an atheists is not smart. They changed and reached out to God and God reached out to them. There is a connection and they become saved and apart of the family of God. Maybe you want but if you don't or you do someday, that will be your decision. The worse thing in this world is to die without Christ.
Fenrirr 5 months ago
I think he might have lost some of his professionalism, fooling around, but if what he did was sexual harassment, then when the picture of his accuser grabbing the butt of a male singer on stage, that makes her just as guilty. Anyway, he resigned.
Nikolar 5 months ago
I'm afraid your wife was right. Presuming that you wouldn't know how to comport yourself with the proper etiquette just because you're caucasian is prejudice. Just because you were able to demonstrate to him that his prejudice were unfounded doesn't make it not prejudice. (The word 'prejudice' translates as 'pre-judge', BTW and that's exactly what that man did).
Tauktilar 5 months ago
You still in Belleville?

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