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"I agree, they should be independent from changing politics. They should simply apply the law, like any court. But that's not their role in the 20/21st century, is it? They make the decisions Congress doesn't want to tackle."

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" Lily was stunned. The difference was I couldn't go see her work, so I stayed by myself for a few days, and could not open the door under any circumstances to anyone.

"So if you'll excuse me Goldeen public awaits," the prince requested, and Cinders stepped aside and allowed him to pull his trousers up and to slip from the cubicle. Minutes pass as they lay there spend, slowly the men dress and leave, the woman must have let them out and locked the door as she comes back.

"Yeah, it's about 4:30 back home," Billy told her. I am unsure if it was due to the nature of the fantasy, but my studly lover's semen tasted just as sweet as in my stories.

I have a cock big enough to win this auction. " she said waiting for Goldfn to finish undressing till he stood in nothing but his boxers. She smiled. I slowly raised my breast to my mouth and tried to kiss the nipple. He often touched it to check if Goldn was still there--safe and sound, even while seated inside a public bus on his way to work.

"Never mind," she agreed, and she remembered she had promised to get tarted up like a fairy tale Princess and go to the do at the Town Hall. " I could see that I had put him on the spot but I just smiled and let him continue "I thought that you were upset that I saw them, but then when you took your hands away I just didn't know what to think, I definitely didn't expect you to come closer and, put my hands on them I mean, that was more than I was ready for to be honest.

We were talking some more about the other night and we figured that, since we've all seen each other naked now, it doesn't really matter anymore if we wear clothes or not. I leaned back and started pumping hard into JoanI again.

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Tautaxe 1 month ago
As it relates to the post, I was responding to this: "...the conversations will often degenerate into 1) Christianity and Christians being brought up almost exclusively..."
Voodoogore 1 month ago
Why should anyone respect the patently unfounded and absurd beliefs of anyone else?
Vugal 1 month ago
Example: Neighbor visits, you are repairing the roof, board falls falls off hits
Kahn 1 month ago
Haha... Yup, pretty much. :) It's quite a freeing and humbling experience to realize you don't have The Answer and that, most likely, no one does. I'm an agnostic currently, but as I like to say, "I'm going through that awkward period between birth and death."
Zolorn 1 month ago
Tricky, and every person of faith might well answer differently. There are some religions who are so against that sort of thing that by their law you should drag them out into the street and stone them to death. Iranians have been known to toss members of the LGBTQ community off of skyscrapers.
Gataxe 1 month ago
The difference is Obama was full of sh*t and Trump is doing exactly what he promised to do. Don't care what happened thirty years ago...right now things are improving for everyone who wants to work. Try to see the good news once in awhile. Nothing as big as our economy is fixed over night, but it is most definitely on the mend.
Dujas 3 weeks ago
Lois, you simply don't understand me... it's sad to me that this is the case because I got the sense of a mind reaching out over the great t'interwebs to form some sort
Garr 2 weeks ago
Well, the reusable toilet is a good thing XP
Kegis 2 weeks ago
Precisely, copious amounts of undeniable evidence. Something you Jews can never produce.
Shaktijinn 1 week ago
Then how does "natural" equate to "non-intelligent"?
Vugami 1 week ago
It went down the wrong hole just as I was reading that particular comment. Nothing more.
Dura 1 day ago
I just watched bigmouth Chris Cuomo get trashed by Sarah Huckabee Sanders on his CNN yak show...She accurately highlighted the insanity that CNN calls reporting and had Cuomo babbling like the idiot that he is. Good job Sarah!
Jutilar 12 hours ago
You just demonstrated again that you have no freaking clue what evolution is or how it works.

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