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"At least someone understands why I'm kind of disappointed more atheists aren't glorious hedonists. :-)"


I didn't think of it until much later that the Frerdom might have been the reason her breasts were so big, full, and erect. " I said handing him a water bottle and a granola bar.


Kevin smiled at her, "That party was a blast Jean. She let herself in and came into the bedroom, sitting next to me. Belinda howled with laughter and I couldn't help but join in.

He was 45 years old and had a 12 inch dick. Thanks for letting me crash psank tonight. She had washed off her makeup and changed into the clothes I had given her but Fredom was too late, I couldn't help but see her as the incredibly sexy girl I had found waiting for me at the train station.

His mouth closed over one excited nipple and sucked while one of his hands went to the other spannk pinch and please. ?Can I watch?. She started writhing, her ass jumping off the bed slamming her wet crotch into my face, liquid pouring from her pussy.

" "I suppose," she said, "But I'm saving that for my husband. I have gone without orgasm before during those few makeup sessions, where she gets to orgasm and I just get to be the one lucky enough to be providing the Frewdom with mouth, hands, finger.

"?Here they are. I dressed, put Fred out and began breakfast.

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Gakinos 1 year ago
If you present an argument I only ask that you back it up. I would if asked. If you don't want to have this conversation. Don't.
Kajizahn 1 year ago
I guess she really likes sex, hmm good for her
Dagul 1 year ago
What ever dude.
JoJojin 1 year ago
You should. The PC minority wont last 6 months if she forms a coalition with the Liberals. She already indicated she would,this time around.
Takora 11 months ago
It worries me when people say this. It implies that the ONLY reason they are ethical is because they fear consequences or want a reward
Akinokasa 11 months ago
No. Just that even Stalin didn?t kill most of the population of 140 million residents of the USSR. And that Hitler did kill 12 million about half of which were Jews for no other reason than they were Jews. Stalin killed about 12 million mostly peasants by starvation by confiscating their total food stuffs to feed the cities. Because Stalin refused to understand that every farmer must feed himself and his animals and save part of the grain to plant to grow more grain the next year.
Nirg 11 months ago
Personally i think it's creepy to do either on a potential date.
Bashakar 11 months ago
Nope, I agree - no evidence of "an invisible guy"
Daishicage 10 months ago
Come visit we love our tourists!
Tygozahn 10 months ago
?Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
Mojora 10 months ago
First you have to know the Bible well enough to know if it is telling the truth or not. If you don't know scripture, you don't have any information to base your opinion/beliefs on. Many prophets for example told about the Jews being taken away from the promised land and spread around the world before it even happened. Then the same prophets wrote that the day would come that God would bring them back to the land He promised their forefathers. Both of these prophecies came true and in 1948 God kept his promise of bringing them back to Israel when it become a nation again. This was not a dumb guess.
Grobar 10 months ago
Absolutely NOT , no abortion under any circumstances other than to save the life of the mother who must be in imminent threat and in need of self defense. Dumb question
Daijar 10 months ago
1. Absolutely False--what was proven is what we refer to as time/space began nanoseconds after the BB, which has NOTHING to do with what existed BEFORE the BB.
Mishakar 9 months ago
I disagree with your dating, you disagree with mine. Here's a site for you: Herod the Great-the census/Come Reason Ministries.
Vurn 9 months ago
Is that laundry? xD

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