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"I hate the 'how can there be a god with all the suffering in the world" argument. I prefer the 'no evidence' argument. Suffering in the world is too easily explained by the hypothetical existence of a deist god."

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Blonde babe Dahlia Sky teases and masturbates in the shower

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Daihn 11 months ago
Men inspired by the Holy Spirit.
Faerr 11 months ago
You turned your back on Zeus first.
Shakakora 10 months ago
I accused you of guessing at motives.
Daigami 10 months ago
A person who we may identify as jesus may have existed, but the biblical jesus absolutely did not.
Tojabei 10 months ago
neither of those are mandated.
Saran 10 months ago
Al Gore DID make the statement that he was "Instrumental in Creating the internet." THAT is blatantly false, which I have proven countless times over.
Akitaur 10 months ago
Well, he'd be working on getting women into long dresses by law, and forget about animals that need shootin'. ??
Kikora 10 months ago
The 'legislation' obviously couldn't give belief in a creator as a justification for unalienable human rights, but the Declaration of Independence could?
Dora 10 months ago
They are leaving to This Little Light of Mine
Meztigore 10 months ago
I knew I liked you for a reason!
Netilar 10 months ago
General Lee was not the better man, in my opinion. Lincoln is the greatest President we have ever had.

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