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Maukinos 9 months ago
Yet you are trying to connect the ideology, barenaked on the page, with a group of people that practice some part of it, but not all.
Kigakora 9 months ago
I know the liberal atheists in Sweden do. And part of being a politically correct liberal is keeping your mouth shut when you disagree with the party line. So where are all the out spoken anti-immigration atheists?, we have not heard a peep out of them, other than Dawkins
Daiktilar 9 months ago
Because you dated my friend. And when he failed to reply to your text in 11 minutes you slashed his tires and torched his bass boat.
Kazik 8 months ago
Gay is a gift. Like all true gifts, it comes with a price whether we accept it or not. We see and experience life differently. We feel a need to give back, even to people who hate us irrationality. Those us who come out sooner give more back and often pay more for doing so but also feel freer for doing so. Some of us, try to honor faiths that persecute us, and try to "pray the gay away," marrying straight and raising a family, enduring the torture of straight marriage for our children. Such efforts always end badly and only after can the real healing begin for everyone duped by the falsehood of "gay conversion."
Fenrigul 8 months ago
I don't quite understand that last sentence. Please explain a bit more.
Kadal 8 months ago
Nope, hasn't Flint water gone through enough already?!
Nikobei 8 months ago
I know you are correct. I guess it was just wishful thinking on my part to think some were being controlled by the beliefs.
Gardasar 8 months ago
If were talking about the historicity of Jesus Christ, thats no longer debated. If were talking about his claims (based on his teachings) there is room for debate. I follow them as prescribed and I can see in my own life and through others that the outcome is as valuable as it says it is.
Dilrajas 7 months ago
That's what I'm saying. Why not look yo God? He planted life here, fully formed...gave it ability to adapt to environment, put a limit in it. That's what we see now isn't it? Speciation dwindling down, minor small change happening accumulation of mutation causing it all. That's an apparent limit. Its also bound within particular families. Kinds
Meztilrajas 7 months ago
The purpose is always to same. Survive and replicate.
Arashijin 7 months ago
Voodoogul 7 months ago
I wasn't aware this was an ongoing problem parents were facing.
Negore 6 months ago
The nation of Israel and Jews are not one and the same.
Arasar 6 months ago
"Falling in love is not logical, nor is it required for a complete life"
Nazuru 6 months ago
The Crusades were a response to Muslim incursion.
Mezilabar 6 months ago
There is no evolution, and never has been. Evolution is a fairytale.
Arashinos 6 months ago
Can you provide link to that information? And explain how that proves any thing?
Kalrajas 5 months ago
Again, he CHOSE to start this business. Again, he agreed to follow all applicable laws.
Tojashakar 5 months ago
Well first off I didnt say Trump, I said conservative media. Second off even with saying that you're ignoring the times when Trump has brushed all indocumented immingrants with the brish of ms-13. Thirdly, I made it a point to try and stay away from anyone making thst the crutch of their argument and you still bring it up, do you have anything in defense to my comment?
Brataxe 5 months ago
I only block spammers.
Kigagar 5 months ago
No She is stupid enough and crooked enough to meet the criteria for a NDP membership. Wynne hoodwinked her large and Horwath fell for it hook, line and sinker.
Grozil 5 months ago
"no one really presents any evidence of Christians going on killing sprees except when they reference the crusades almost 1,000 years ago or some other event in the far past."
Tami 5 months ago
Maybe. But he was like 80 years old, a farmer and he was pretty happy with his life. He bought a new truck and was happy about that.
Daizuru 4 months ago
"...we discussed there is no naturalistic explanation for the universe."
Taull 4 months ago
Really? I don't believe in something, and I believe that, that something is not. Hmm - sounds the same to me.
Nejora 4 months ago
And there it is.
Shazshura 4 months ago
no hipster pony tail?
Toshura 4 months ago
Jesus came and died on the Cross, was buried and rose from the dead on the 3rd day. His work is finished, He has conquered sin, death and hell for us, He said at the Cross "It is finished" Completed, He did what His Father told him to do, and offered up Himself as a sacrifice for sin to set men free from the grip sin has over us. He has not "stopped guiding" us as you say but when He ascended into heaven He sent The Holy Spirit to come and indwell in the born again believer, so we are never alone. The Holy Spirit teaches us, guides us and comforts us, and He is ALWAYS with us.
Nikonris 4 months ago
co-ed has never bothered me.... not big on public locker rooms, they always smell funky.

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