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"Just because the Asians refuse to find a more sustainable food source, that doesn?t mean we are over populated."

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I stopped then. It was all I could do to just stare at them for maybe a full minute.

She pushed back slightly, hesitating and then yielded to my pull. I knew sex was real fun and I loved it. Her pussy gushedthe liquid, creamy, warm, and salty, with small bits within the consistency. I am entirely consumed by this, no other thought powerful enough to pry my mind from where I am, what I am doing.

"Do not deny anyone anything they ask of you or you will humiliate your Master and you know you will pay for that infraction. I loved when my nipples were pinched and sucked. She then walks over to me and lifts me to my feet and leads me to a wall and tells me to fact the wall.

" Belinda answered for her.

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Aralrajas 1 year ago
Congrats - gotta keep that birthrate up!
Meziran 1 year ago
Science is only a process not an ideology. It doesn't pretend to know anything it can't support. When someone gets something wrong it adjusts. It has to.
Dojin 1 year ago
So then no one can claim any number of back alley abortions being you dont know.
Goltibar 1 year ago
it's really sad what passes for humour these days, Even sadder that you actually found it funny and just had to post it.
Fenrijind 1 year ago
Well this is politically charged AF!
Mazujinn 11 months ago
Again, the point is to have 5 or 6 million people self report, at little cost to us, and little loss in productivity. Don't want to pay for 11M people to move to Mexico.
Zolorg 11 months ago
Spoken like a true muslim.
Maulabar 11 months ago
Oh and YOU have never been to Right Wing Watch apparently, because all they do? Is share videos and news stories that come from the very mouths of these disgusting ChristoFascists and they do not make up their news like Faux Nitwit Newsless does all the damn time.
Moogujinn 11 months ago
When I go into the lab next door to my office to tell the kids in there to keep the noise down, should I say:
Tobar 11 months ago
Congress has that power.
Dacage 11 months ago
You're talking out your butthole. The majority of police and military would nail your ass to a cross if ordered to. A steady paycheck, secure employment, healthcare, education, etc guarantees obedience. Th at and there's always a fresh new batch of recruits desperate for a job who will do what is necessary. I have known many Military and Police, ALL of them wouldn't hesitate to drag you out of your home pissing all over yourself.
Faukree 10 months ago
this should be an interesting explanation for that comment.. wil look forward to it.
Sataur 10 months ago
I mean the delivery was a text so that right there is a FAIL.
Nagrel 10 months ago
Our culture will
Bami 10 months ago
?Did I make you angry??
Brajinn 10 months ago
How does it feel to be a Lib drone? Must SUCK. Glad I'm not you.
Bazshura 9 months ago
I think that's a really important distinction. "I'm against it but I am pro choice"

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