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394 12:5310 months ago

"It is now and his lame assed comment cements it."

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It was so hot!. He then told her to bring her lovely face to his lips and then they kissed. Yet, she didn't seem unhappy about it.

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The guy kept following me. Her mate had never been one of her balls and she knew he was in store for a bit of a surprise.

Sheyla thought Annie would never familly her dad, but boy was she wrong. "Bend over the desk Jean and show me your beautiful ass. He stood up on the bed, walked over to Chris and Kate, and squatted over her with his back arched.

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Zulkira 10 months ago
Ew! I am so sorry that happened. My overprotective self is kind of annoyed that Jake didn't pick up on what Shawn was doing at the table and curse him out.
Yozahn 10 months ago
I proved to you how democrats were responsible for excusing criminal behavior via the PROMISE program. Criminal behavior keeps you out of the military. No need to be upset at your failure to accept truth.
Vigis 10 months ago
Maybe I don't really viewing baking cake to be art, that might be the issue.
Nisar 9 months ago
But would he lose weight on that diet?
Shaktigrel 9 months ago
I have no interest in tallying amounts, just pointing out that not all of the fundie Christians are exactly "I'll pray for you" type and many will use their religious beliefs to kill.
Munos 9 months ago
If I saw a lethargic student in my classroom, my first thought would have been to call medical staff.
Nikogal 9 months ago
Nah. People are only getting less religious. No need to force religion.
Vor 9 months ago
Eurocide Law must all be rolled back across the Western World.
Migrel 8 months ago
The bible sayz we are made in God's own image... and we likewise employ archutechs to plan every detail of a structure and account of the cots before building.. so if many in all his stupidity can still build many great structures , then much more can God who made man in his own image and after his own likeness :) elementree
Zulkinos 8 months ago
Oh yes she did! She got hired at Harvard using that lie. Warren is a useless scumbag
Zulukus 8 months ago
I wasn't blaming Harper. Still not the best example to use.
Akikora 8 months ago
Well, we can't prove that the sun will rise tomorrow either, but I feel fairly confident it will.
Fenrirr 8 months ago
Amen. Aren't we all that way. But yet often many of us are judged by these things that are out if our control.
Samusar 7 months ago
Low tolerance to frustration, may be a cause. This is not learned at school, should be teached at home.
Vogor 7 months ago
And I just conceived of a flying wombat. It doesn?t exist either.
Tygorg 7 months ago
I apologise: I confused you with Poppy. He is a liar.
Tojak 7 months ago
You know I have that little voice of hope and optimism chained up way in the back of my brain. It makes me do dumb shit like this thread
Zuluhn 7 months ago
The issue in the U.S. at least is when Christian's overstep boundaries and push Christian based ideas into our secular laws and policies. This is why organizations like FFRF and American Atheists were formed in the 60's and 70"s to have legal teams to fight these over reaches into our government. Many of these encroachments have been overturned in the courts, but there are still almost 20 active cases. Stop doing that and most of us atheists will again become silent.
Kezilkree 7 months ago
Nope not a murderer
Fezragore 7 months ago
Yes, you're right A2- I appeal to a bigger mystery. The City of God is my home, founded on the Rock, who is Christ the Lord.
Jujind 7 months ago
Thanks. Taught me a good lesson, too bad it was at her expense. The person driving didn't even slow down to give her a chance.
Malalar 6 months ago
Did you have a discussion about why he cheated? I mean I feel like if you are wavering on giving him another chance I would want to know what motivated it in the first place.
Nasar 6 months ago
What it "says" and what it TEACHES are different altogether. Jesus said to eat his flesh and drink his blood, but to do so is abhorrent! What he was "teaching" is altogether different.
Goltijinn 6 months ago
We could stop him from re-entering the country at the border. Like trump banned Muslims overnight...wouldn't that be fun?!?
JoJotilar 6 months ago
Well, as long as the beer passes QC, do you care?
Bajar 5 months ago
GOD: Here is my perfect message
Torisar 5 months ago
Yes. I?m Ted Williams head. Got any gum?
Terr 5 months ago
I said I don't care who created Christianity in answer to your question as to who did. I never said that I don't care about whether or not the son of the creator of the universe actually set foot on this planet. If it can be demonstrated to be true, I'd be very interested.
Samur 5 months ago
First. I am not an atheist. Being open to opposing views is not a bad thing. It will help you break away from the dogma that (imo) drives people away from organized religion.
Darn 5 months ago
I still miss Darth Sidious as pope.
Dacage 5 months ago
Working person HUgs! You did a good job.

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