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279 08:099 months ago

"It?s not a new revelation to me that men wrote the Bible. It must be to you because you wrote that ?G-D wrote the Bible?."

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I remember when we need to make a coffee book for a project and I needed help thats when my professor came to my house and showed me tricks on how I will present it to the panelists. She rose up and undid her pants, wiggling out of them, faccial panties nowhere to be found, in the oblique light it appeared that she only had a shadow of pubic hair on her crotch.

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Grannies Hardcore Fucked Interracial Porn with Old Women loving Black Cocks

"Not yet," he said with a chuckle and started to stoop down. The two whispered to each other in Russian as they rubbed their body's together. As we danced he held me very close. Please?" I couldn't believe what was happening.

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Vudor 9 months ago
Nope. It is more upgrading in the most important sphere. Human Relationships. God is a Father. He is into Relationships. But as a Father. Not as a "boss".
Gronos 9 months ago
I just laugh every time a trump supporter brings up "lies" or "lying". Hilarious.
Yozshutilar 9 months ago
Well, come and get us!
Kazishicage 9 months ago
Oh, you bet it's ignorance.
Yozshuhn 9 months ago
They're spending their whole lives waiting to meet the LORD. Crazy stuff
Shalkree 9 months ago
Deport trump first.
Yozshull 8 months ago
The investigation that led to the Steele dossier was originally commissioned by GOP, in a vain attempt to prevent Donald from becoming the GOP candidate. The investigator then shopped it to a member of the Hillary campaign.
Vobei 8 months ago
Atheists need more teachings about nothing....
Brami 8 months ago
You look about my age group, I expect to see it.
Zulkik 8 months ago
If a parent doesnt want their child participating in an LGBT class that will teach LGBT topics, I dont understand why you would have a problem with that and then turn it into "they are opting out treating students with dignity and respect". Like I said, if were going to make it a "dignity and respect" assembly or a "anti bullying" assembly the main theme should not be LGBT (with pronoun usage, sexual attraction and gender dysphoria commentry)...make it so that every kid of every color, sex, sexual orientation, religion and background can relate. If thats what this is really about "acceptance" it should be broad "kids, we should accept ALL people regardless of their choices, religious, sex etc"
Samutaur 8 months ago
Obama brought us out of Bush's recession.
Moogulabar 8 months ago
Trump has always had to pay for his ladies.
Faetaxe 8 months ago
Your comments and beliefs tell a different story.
Voodoolabar 7 months ago
If you love each other and want to be together one shouldn't decry a piece of paper or a fancy ceremony :)
Nikolkree 7 months ago
Woohoo! and I have empathy for your husband in that regard. I also know you are in good hands and can take care of yourself. Have a cold one for me!
Makinos 7 months ago
Maybe you should read the conversation I was having before trying to butt into one without any idea...
Vudozuru 7 months ago
I am completely blind-sided! (No). I saw this coming in late January from Vicente Fox. Pork and bourbon will get slammed by it. Apples and Florida O.J. are going to suffer too. 'A trade war is easy to win!' Trump. I guess we will see a walk back soon.
Brakus 7 months ago
rules do not apply for some... The rules specifically said No grills In this area... or was it girls... but that would be sexist...
Sajinn 7 months ago
I don't mind cashews. :) In fact, I dislike walnuts, and I have an awesome lentil pate recipe that uses walnuts. It's all ground so fine together it doesn't matter.
Vuhn 7 months ago
i will tell you on that one point, that it is a negative factor ,when the lady you are talking to is more financially stable than the guy.[ many women will not look farther than that.] and maybe justifiably so, as guys who are in a lower income brackett, may very well fall into more trouble times in the future. one does have to look at why the guy makes less ,or has less training ,or colledge , or skills to achieve more success. some guys are totally blue collar ,but are very secure. others have lots of colllege, yet work in coffee shops.
Vir 7 months ago
How would you define Deuteronomy 13: 14-15 if not stupid and dangerous?
Dim 6 months ago
The US has always been a "my way or the highway" type of country. I don't think the international pressure will do much if anything. Especially considering who our President is.
Gugrel 6 months ago
The Catholic Church should not deceive herself: if National Socialism does not succeed in defeating Bolshevism, then the church and Christianity in Europe too are finished. Bolshevism is the mortal enemy of the church as much as of fascism. ...Man cannot exist without belief in God. The soldier who for three and four days lies under intense bombardment needs a religious prop.
Goltibar 6 months ago
Have a serious LOL'ing going on here! :D

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