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962 06:077 months ago

"Harris also then put legislation in place that said if H1 was sold the proceeds were to be used to pay down debt. Guess who kicked that aside."

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I had just gotten up and I was still groggy. "You are too late, me dad says I got to let Ted Hepplethwaite fuck me if you wont wed me," she rheatre hopefully.

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She bent over to rub down her legs and my cock woke up. If I didn't know better, I'd say she was feeling bad about coming here with him and not fucking him. "Was that okay?" she asked. Thearte shifted a bit in his seat to get a better view. A blind fold is put on my eyes and a gag is put in my mouth.

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Kagasar 7 months ago
He may need some time to get over Wynne's loss.
Voodookazahn 6 months ago
Nope - I did not toss the first insult. Gotaroundto it did when he said that I was screwed up. But typically and hypocritically you ignored that. You always do. Because you are simply triggered by liberals. It's kinda your thing.
Kaziktilar 6 months ago
Cockney toe-rag! Limey layabout! East End plonker!
Tygokasa 6 months ago
Oh, okay. Well, how it's the whole "free will" malarkey (and the notion of Hell) any different from making sure that everybody knows how responsible they are for their wickedness? Why did God have to kill all humans bar eight? Why did God have to order genocide, slavery and torture?
Arashirr 6 months ago
What is your disagreement?
Grogal 6 months ago
Very carefully. A baker does initial set up. That is all. My wife and I had a cake similar to the blue one. I love that little fountain. I don't know why.
Nikogul 6 months ago
Shi'ia Islam believes that you can translate, Sunni does not. Methodists believe you can translate, Baptists do not. Those that believe you can translate the context to modern life are more liberal those that think you should live like the stone ages do not.
Mataur 5 months ago
You know you're not allowed to treat your children the way you're alleging God has a right to treat people... right?
Kataur 5 months ago
Sounds like an opinion based on belief and faith rather than evidence
Kazrazilkree 5 months ago
At least FOUR more YEARS!!!!!!
Voodoozil 5 months ago
Tell me what would happen if Jesus returned today. Be sure to included how all the non believers end up in a lake of fire and what role an all-powerful god plays in getting them there.
Akinolabar 5 months ago
That's always the argument, but I think particularly in a small jurisdiction like Ontario that the vast majority of economic activity is based on what is going on around us, and that Ontario tax policy isn't going to be a major influence on tax revenues on way or the other.
Melabar 4 months ago
Truth ?.....the good and the bad ? ?? ??
Nanris 4 months ago
My moniker is merely a term that describes what happens when I give facts and present logic that sjw's can't cope with.
Brazil 4 months ago
I mean I will say what that the event is more than whatever is going on with them and if they can't put their differences aside then maybe resign
Kajirisar 4 months ago
Muhammad never existed
Mushura 4 months ago
Satan is as imaginary as God. They're two characters from the SAME book.
Fauhn 4 months ago
I have a full closet but nothing to pack for my trip.
Akijinn 3 months ago
It was their money. Now they get to keep the money (and the sanctions lifted) and we have no way to slow down their nuke development.
Vojin 3 months ago
if new discoveries point to something eg black holes, dark matter, and even though we can't actually for sure prove it ( at least I think we can't last I heard) that doesn't mean black holes and dark matter don't exist.
Malarg 3 months ago
Non sequitur ??
Brazshura 3 months ago
Why would he pick an Obamian
Mular 3 months ago
And since Jack refused to do even what you suggest he is still in the wrong even by your standards.
Zulkilabar 2 months ago
And then, one Thursday, nearly two thousand years after one man had been nailed to a tree for saying how great it would be to be nice to people for a change, a girl sitting on her own in a small cafe in Rickmansworth suddenly realized what it was that had been going wrong all this time, and she finally knew how the world could be made a good and happy place. This time it was right, it would work, and no one would have to get nailed to anything.
Toktilar 2 months ago
to answer the question, even though i'm a dude i'd rather it be a surprise but it comes with a condition and that is, it can't be in front of other people in case i want to say no, wouldn't enjoy the uncomfortable situation in front of a bunch of people cause hey my partner might be ready to get married but i might not be. My own personal take on marriage, I really don't care for it whatsoever and don't plan on ever getting married to whomever my partner ends up being unless its absolutely necessary for some legal purpose. I don't care about the concept of marriage and not a big fan of walking down any aisles or having some party, I'd rather use that money to take my partner exploring around the world. I don't need to take any sort of oath of loyalty or anything like that, if i ever do find a partner in life, I have no intentions of ever betraying them and will always be brutally honest with them as well as be there for her. I'd except no less from her. If that's not enough for her, then I'll be packing up and leaving. never liked marriages or weddings when i was a little kid and told myself i wouldn't deal with the crap and if my partner refuses to be with me cause i won't have a wedding, then their loss and I guess we'll be going our separate ways (you could prob throw arguments in my face here on why this is stupid of me, but i don't care, I do what i say i'm gonna do even if others don't agree or find it stupid, as long as i'm fine with it). This is if I even find a partner in life (i don't really look, it'll either happen or it won't, doesn't bother me). the only thing I'm concerned about is at what point in a relationship, should i let my partner know that i'm not a marriage type of person and that I just view it as a huge headache, the whole getting married, and the divorce if it doesn't work out (which seems to be pretty high in this age). sorry for the rant
Zuluzragore 2 months ago
She should be forced to let the officer do what she claimed he did.
Zulurg 1 month ago
It was a fair judgement on what I believe to be the worst government I have ever had to live under. And that includes Rae.

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