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""That's so beautiful, and a reason to 'worship' nature. Now tell me again how we get from ferns to humanoids?""

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Arasar 1 year ago
I'm not sure that life is becoming less diverse. It may be true in terms of macro organisms because mankind is destroying ecosystems and causing extinctions. In terms of micro-organisms, however, that is less likely to be true. I doubt that the number of bacteria species is shrinking.
Kabei 1 year ago
Yeah, I get the part about "whatever I thought in my mind" becomes reality. You say it, it's so. You're amazing. "If I could make the sky green, it would be green". No argument from me on that!
Gajar 1 year ago
I know. Some denominations capitulated to the immoral demands. I think they were afraid of losing congregants.
Kikora 11 months ago
" And that argument about being allowed to react that way to stressful situations is some bs when cops are allowed to stick a gun in your face and expect you to remain calm as well. If I can't react to you manhandling me and pulling a loaded gun on me emotionally, why do you get to be "emotional" and shoot a shiitake ton of bullets???"
Shakarg 11 months ago
I'm not given my friends to Caesar. :)
Kagajar 11 months ago
But freewill would allow me to still feel love for my family and friends in hell. You saying that I wouldn't feel that way isn't convincing.
Gataur 10 months ago
Anything can be made to conform to a prophesy. That's how they rope people in.
Tygohn 10 months ago
300 years from now, people may look back at what you're saying and say YOU are a monster. You can't compare culture of today and yesterday. Thomas Jefferson took good care of his slaves, much better than many other slave owners. They loved him.
Fenrikus 10 months ago
You believe what is right and wrong. Your religious beliefs have no legal standing. And this is about the law.
Kijar 10 months ago
Ah thanks!...he was cute even back then.
Kezilkree 10 months ago
>>?So minister after minister is getting rich off parishioners.?<<
Voodoogrel 10 months ago
Who do you think can do that?
Mozahn 10 months ago
So, why do those, who don't believe in science, quote science to support their non-science?
Dotaxe 10 months ago
It's up to you as claimant to provide describe this afterlife of yours and prove its existence--and the Bible is merely the claim, not the proof. Spare us your dishonesty.
Vudomi 9 months ago
We could buy Mexico with our welfare budget.
Kazragrel 9 months ago
Could be because you're making it up.
Tojajar 9 months ago
It hardly matters - it's all wishful thinking and scurrilous magic tricks. Should come with a sign that says 'Deluded adults only'.
Kanos 9 months ago
Here we go..
Zolom 9 months ago
Onward atheist soldier!
Nektilar 8 months ago
Well.... We were getting close to the door passing the time chatting with the girls in front and behind us.
Brall 8 months ago
That link isn't evidence for any god. It's a discussion board just like this one.
Tetilar 8 months ago
It's English. Jehovah was with Judah. The next sentence is discussing the acrmtion JUDAH did, not Jehovah.
Yorg 8 months ago
Not all animals and plants fossilize. Carrier Pigeons don't and so we have no trace of them in the fossil record. Even so we have more than enough fossils to work with. There's no such thing as a missing link. The change from predecessor species to more modern ones is so gradual it is almost imperceptible. This no transitional fossils nonsense is one of the most tiresome and dishonest creationist arguments against evolution. We studied the evolution of the modern horse in college. This is a good way to look at gradual evolution of a species because the fossil record of horses is exceptionally well represented with thousands of finds. We have the ancestor of the modern horse and a transitional species that has characteristics of both the horse's ancestor and modern horses, fossils in the geological column right where they should be. These fossils in the video show changes not between species which is what we studied in school but larger groups in the classification system. But it's really all the same. I certainly know more about this than some Bible thumper who gets their misinformation from other lying and quote-mining creationists at the (Non)Discovery Institute and Creation Ministries. Put down the comic book pick up a science book and join the rest of us in the real world your cult leaders brainwashed you into hating.
Kigagrel 8 months ago
You know Paul who started the cult and claimed to know Jesus's brother. Wow. That really makes the whole story true.
JoJole 8 months ago
If you feel you've done everything you can in this relationship then it's time to end it. But marriage is supposed to be difficult and long suffering anyway. Only you know the answer to this question nobody can tell you what to do.
Jutilar 7 months ago
"Promiscuity" is just sex outside of a relationship. So yes, you do hold that sex is nasty but then magically isn't when you wear a wedding ring.
Jutaxe 7 months ago
Paul explicitly recognizes his position as an apostle involves giving the teachings of Christ, not his personal opinion. When he does offer his personal opinion he brackets it out with a caveat that it is his opinion because he is aware of the seriousness of teaching his own opinions as doctrine as he does in 1 Corinthians 7.
Arashizil 7 months ago
Having sex does not mean you want a child. I have all the children I want does that mean I should never have sex again? Because all form of contraception have failures that result in pregnancy.
Tazshura 7 months ago
I am still going to fall back on the evolutionary part, but that also touches on what you say too.

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