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"All my late lamented cats are being pampered in the Ancient Egyptian afterlife by Bastet and Sehkmet"

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Mezishicage 11 months ago
It depends on how mature your friend is.
Arazragore 11 months ago
I said it was a voluntary choice to take dope or booze. That is all. You implied otherwise.
Jukora 11 months ago
Why did they change their working plan?!!! If you read the Bible you will find that God repeatedly uses unbelieving nations to punish Israel (Egypt,Babylon, Assyria, and Rome) for idolatry and to bring them back to Him. Germany was the last one, presumably before the coming Judgement. As a result of the Holocaust, the Jews were restored to their promised land. God's ways are not our ways, but they work supremely.
Dikasa 11 months ago
haha Keeping kids in protective bubbles is called "discipline"? Maybe in your dictionary, not in mine.
Kezragore 11 months ago
?Happy is he who repays you for what you have done to us ? he who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks.? (Psalm 137:9)
Vudorisar 11 months ago
I have gay family members , I love them no differently than anyone else , BUT I do NOT lie to them if asked "How do you think GOD feels abt my lifestyle " . HE TOLD US how HE feels & personally I am staying away from anything GOD calls an ABOMINATION , I got enough to answer for .
Kinris 11 months ago
You can't. It is that simple.
Mikaktilar 10 months ago
I do, also he was correct in his assessment.
Zushakar 10 months ago
Those are not issues that a matter of a decade or two will change dramatically, are they? Do you have a specific example?
Vijin 10 months ago
That's fine. Just don't lump us all into one group.
Malrajas 10 months ago
You guessed wrong then. You assumed and judged just like god told you not to.
Yozshugore 10 months ago
No such proof exists.
Kagazilkree 9 months ago
You assert, along with the most dogmatic literalists, that there is only one version of Christianity, and that is literalism. If that were true, that would make your job very easy, becausue literalism is easy to refute.
Yohn 9 months ago
bible and "fact" is kinda iffy....
Zululkree 9 months ago
harder for a man to attract a lot of women than it is for a woman to attract a lot of men
Togrel 9 months ago
then is not collecting glass figurines a hobby?
Mejin 9 months ago
Hate has to be taught, carefully and repeatedly taught or else the child might become a proper, civilized American.
Arashihn 9 months ago
5. Should students be able to distribute religious literature in school on their own time?
Mikalkree 9 months ago
I have always thought that a religion doesn't change. Ever. But people do. People can give lip service as to their religion and then not follow it or they can call themselves Catholic but never go to church or raise their kids as real Catholics. The Catholic gospel wasn't written to be flexible nor should it be. And that's the reason why it, and many of the other religions, are becoming irrelevant.
Kegor 8 months ago
You didn't ask for reasons that were "better" than religious reasons. You asked for reasons.
Nektilar 8 months ago
You got it
Vizahn 8 months ago
Your comment was "Any belief system that requires you to suspend logic and rational thinking and replace it with faith is not worth following.".

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