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"Just referencing how the same people who will call the poor a bunch of lazy ?layabouts? will promote the idea that the government should spend 400 billion dollars bombing some helpless third world country, and not see the hypocrisy. How could most Christians be fine with us spending so much money on death and destruction yet appalled when we spend money to help children eat and see a doctor?"

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Aragar 7 months ago
Careful using the term fact when expressing an opinion
Zolozilkree 7 months ago
But the friend went through the same terrible time and as far as we know doesn't get any good news. She didn't ask for "silence" to be hurtful, but because she is hurting.
Kazrabei 7 months ago
"The moral framework is what society decides"
Vijas 7 months ago
Son of a bitch
Mikaran 6 months ago
Yes, you are correct! 47 yrs a fundamental evangelical with a passion for the Word of God. Studied it, preached it, 20 yrs in worship bands, Bible studies on top of Bible studies. Yes, I was a walking Bible dictionary! But like Paul, I count it all as loss. Because I had not a clue how to love like Jesus.
Meziramar 6 months ago
I can agree with this. But a woman feeling offended by a silly joke and a man using his powers and influence to manipulate, harass and assault women are not even remotely equal. So saying that a woman feeling offended by a silly joke and filing a compliant of harassment is on the same level as man using his power and influence for years, and is enough to undermines other women's stories of harassment seems like we are looking for reasons to undermine women's stories.
Galmaran 6 months ago
"Writer of Luke claims to have carefully researched and interviewed people who were eye-witnesses"
Grocage 6 months ago
This being a religious channel has nothing to do with pushing pseudoscience, that is using religion to drive an agenda... IMO is a huge disservice to every intelligent thinking religious person that does exist, it is dishonest or willfully ignorant...
Maubar 5 months ago
Diamonds are already changed. They are an end result of change.
Vilkree 5 months ago
Why? Jesus was a nobody in a backwater town in the largest empire on the face of the earth. Jerusalem was irritant and irrelevant hence the reason it was razed to the ground in 70AD. Supernatural events either real or perceived was common place in antiquity. So why would a supposed resurrection be note worthy?
Yorisar 5 months ago
Maybe the just love you.
Vulkis 5 months ago
No thanks, I'll pass on your class because you did not even get the quote anywhere NEAR correct. You just let it run through your Rube Goldberg like mind and perspective and claimed that he said:
Kagagar 5 months ago
oh for fucks sake you people are unbelievable
Turg 5 months ago
I love fried okra, but I will fight anyone who thinks it isn't also amazing cooked! Try cutting slits and soaking them in water for 5 min to remove the slime if the texture is what gets you. Then cook it with tomato, onions, leeks etc Yummmm!
Brarn 4 months ago
True, but I never wanted any of
Jum 4 months ago
Knowing the government's failures in most everything they get involved in is "Enuf" reason for me to want them out of any health care or insurance dealings.
Mikatilar 4 months ago
No, I don't demand respect.
Goltijin 4 months ago
The numbers have always been accurate. The difference is what you are using them to show.
Akikus 4 months ago
Go ahead, but Trump is the person that got the ball rolling. I know he isn't the actual person that negotiated the release, but he is the person that got Un to respond. Without Trump, there is no NK and SK treaty, and without Trump; Un doesn't release the Americans.
Vudokazahn 3 months ago
We can all become like Jesus, He shed His Spirit upon the whole world.
Faelar 3 months ago
I agree mostly... it's a phase you grow out of for most people.
Goltidal 3 months ago
You do realize the Supreme Court tossed the gay couples suit? Baker doesn't have to pay them anything
Meziktilar 3 months ago
Rare because I am served best warm and moist.
Tojalkis 3 months ago
When Americans have to sue the president for equal rights from slander and hate, obviously, that president is a fraud who swore to uphold the Constitution of the US. Trump had better get his calendar out for all these law suits because he won't have time to run the country which he already is not doing. I suggest Colin join the Republican Party and run against Trump in the next election....easy win for him.
Kigasho 2 months ago
Nope. Those thousands of peer reviewed science articles are just that. Peer reviewed.
Tekinos 2 months ago
Evolution which never happened and cannot happen.
Kegore 2 months ago
No, quite different. At least Wynne and Horvath address the subject. Ford often talks about something completely unrelated. It indicates that either he had no idea how to talk about that subject, or just didn't listen to the question. Notably, in the PC Leadership debates he stood out as the only one who didn't answer or even talk about what was asked. Mulroney did. Elliott did. Even Granic Allen did.

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